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North american Premiere

2006 | 80 min
French language

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July 21st, 2006
7:30 pm
J.A. De Seve

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It looks like the perfect weekend for a trip up into the French mountains. Three guys - Thomas, Yann and the socially disastrous computer nerd Vincent – pile into one car, their three female friends into the other, and off they go. Even the radio newscaster announcing the prison break of a dangerous psychopath, and the eerie ghost story about the phantom girl in the white dress said to haunt the stretch of mountain road they’re on, can’t dampen their good mood. They pick up a suspicious hitchhiker, and just as things start to get tense in the car, a sudden wall of fog throws them into a tailspin – and over a cliff! Hanging precariously from an outcropping, the four passengers are just beginning their descent into a far greater horror, as an unseen monstrosity, which has been ensnaring and devouring unfortunate travellers in this remote area for generations, makes it clear that it’s feeding time, and the quartet are very much on the menu!

Start with a heaping helping of Tremors, flip it over with a chilling, nocturnal deep-forest setting, throw in a splash of The Thing and The Hitcher (Patrick Mons’s turn as the escaped killer is a remarkable display of menacing body language) and voila, you’ve got Résonnances, a wild ride of a low-budget sci-fi fear-fest ŕ la sauce française! While working with a fairly familiar mysterious-monster blueprint, Résonnances displays more than enough inventiveness and enthusiasm to keep fans of the sci-fi/horror hybrid genre happy right through to the shocking conclusion. It’s scripted, directed and co-produced by Philippe Robert, a special-effects wizard who, after working on films like Dobermann, Les Dalton and Les Visiteurs 2, makes his feature-film debut here, showing that while big-budget blockbusters are flowing out of France in ever greater numbers, there’s still room for DIY visionaries with a fistful of borrowed francs and a whole lot of love, talent and ambition!

—Rupert Bottenberg




Director: Philippe Robert
Screenplay: Philippe Robert (from Roméo/Julian)
Cast: Yann Sundberg, Vincent Lecompte, Romain Ogerau, Patrick Mons, Sophie Michard
Producers: Philippe Robert, Guillaume Raphoz, Catherine Cruz

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