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July 19th, 2007 11:25:00
Today, Directors François Miron, Christian Viel and Gregory Wilson will be here

The 4th Life, présenté à la salle J.A. De Sève, à 19h00
The 4th Life, présenté à la salle J.A. De Sève, à 19h00
Rocket Science, présenté au Théâtre Hall, à 19h05
Rocket Science, présenté au Théâtre Hall, à 19h05

Here are some films not to be missed today:

The 4th Life, visually-dazzling experimental neo-noir from Montrealer Francois Miron – his feature debut after a 20+ year of making award-winning experimental shorts. Features sound design by David Kristian and music by Electric Wizard. Turned many heads at this year’s Boston Underground Film Festival. Director François Miron will be here for the Canadian Premiere

Rocket Science, the quirky story of a stuttering misfit who becomes an unlikely star of his debating team. This audacious “anti-love story”, the narrative filmmaking debut from the director of the adored spelling bee doc Spellbound, took Sundance by storm and won a prize for best dramatic directing. Fans of Hal Ashby take note! Canadian Premiere

Beijing Bubbles: Punk And Rock In China's Capitol, a revealing doco on the Punk and rock scenes in mainland China. You will be fascinated to see a punk scene in an authoritarian state with the urgency and danger that its Western torchbearers have been lacking for decades. Canadian Premiere

Like a Virgin, two gay directors teamed up and triumphed with this witty, cheerful comedy, rife with low-key laughs and oddball imagery, about a chubby teen who takes up wrestling to pay for a sex-change operation. The directors shared the Korean Film Awards’ Best New Director title for their work on this film, which also picked up prizes, nominations and audience nods at film festivals throughout Asia and Europe. North American Premiere

The Girl Next Door, disturbing adaptation of the Jack Ketchum novel, based on a true story about a group of children who tortured a teenage girl for days on end in a pleasant 1950’s suburban town. Like Larry Clark doing STAND BY ME in hell. A powerful and deeply upsetting film about human evil. Director Gregory Wilson will be here for the World Premiere.

The Girl Next Door, Director Gregory Wilson will be here

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