Ubisoft Presents Fantasia 2008


July 22nd, 2008 20:05:00


The jury of the First feature competition was presided by Douglas Buck (Director) and composed of Maurice Devereaux (Director), Marianne Farley (Actress), Tim League (Director, Austin Fantastic Fest and Founder, Alamo Drafthouse Theatres) and Rafaël Ouellet (Director, Editor and Photography Director).


EX-DRUMMER - Koen Mortier (Belgium)


TIMECRIMES - Nacho Vigalondo (Spain)


FROM INSIDE - John Bergin (United-States)

« First off, before announcing our choices, myself and the rest of the jury would like to thank Mitch, Simon, Pierre and the entire Fantasia Festival for giving us this wonderful, very fun and insightful opportunity to act as the First Feature Film jury. In a time where the studios and corporations grow more powerful every day, allowing less and less room for expressions of defiance, of subversion, of any kind of challenge to the norm, festivals like Fantasia become more important than ever. We applaud Fantasia for its continuing celebration of the dark side of cinema, and of life, and our hope is it continues to grow and never stops fighting the good fight.

Now regarding our deliberations for picking 3 winners in the First Feature Film category. We judged the films according to two criteria that we felt also reflect the overall vision of the Fantasia Festival itself. We chose to consider and reward those films in which we could feel the spirit of a filmmaker, of an artist, working to express his or her vision. And though that vision may not always be perfectly realized, it is the attempt itself, the ambition, we chose to recognize. Lastly, we considered whether the strength of the filmmaker’s vision excited us, demanded we listen, causing us to eagerly anticipate the arrival of their second film.

We feel the three films chosen reflect our criteria.»

- Douglas Buck