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Short Film Programs : Outer Limits of Animation 2009

Outer Limits of Animation 2009The 2009 edition of OUTER LIMITS OF ANIMATION is an unusual journey through some 20 short films, spotlighting a variety of animation and narrative forms. The program pays tribute to two of the leading stop-motion directors, Québec’s Patrick Boivin and the eccentric American PES. Boivin presents BLACK OX SKATEBOARD, BUMBLEBEE BOY, BUMBLEBEE BEATS OPTIMUS PRIME and KING OF THE DOGS, his recent music video for Iggy Pop. PES, a director specializing in short films and commercials, who constantly amazes with his distinctive style and the unusually cohesive worlds he creates. In our lineup are two of his short films, WESTERN SPAGHETTI and FIREWORKS, as well as two animated commercials, DIESEL -KABOOM! and SCRABBLE - 60TH ANNIVERSARY.

Once again, Canada is in fine form this year—the National Film Board presents the brilliant DRUX FLUX by Theodore Ushev, and the offbeat micro-shorts GIT GOB by Philip Eddolls and BAT MILK by Brandon Blommaert. There’s also Malcolm Sutherland’s ironic THE TOURISTS. Several American films are also on the menu—GOD OF TEARS by Max Margulies and Naoko Masuda, a monumental, 20-minute stop-motion film; SCRIMSHANDER by George Smaragdis, a fantasy tale using 3D animation; and SPACEMAN ON EARTH by Shant Hamassian, a delirious romp mixing various styles and approaches. France is represented by three distinct films—APRÈS LA PLUIE by a collective made up of Emmanuelle Walker, Charles-André Lefebvre, Sébastien Vovau, Manuel Tanon-Tchi and Louis Tardivier, a delightful jaunt in a style reminiscent of the golden age of Japanese anime; LA MAIN DES MAÎTRES by Adrien Toupet, Clément Delatre and Looky, a marvellous futuristic short; and MALBAN by Élodie Bouédec, a strange, nostalgic family story.

Robot fans will particularly enjoy THIS IS J03 by British collective Once Were Farmers and L’INTERPRÉTATION DES RÊVES OU LES AVENTURES DU ROBOT BLEU by Québec’s Elohim Sanchez. Mexico makes an impression this year with LA NOSTALGIA DEL SR. ALAMBRE (MR. WIRE’S NOSTALGIA) by Jonathan Ostos Yaber, a moving short about a puppeteer who can create wonders with wire. Anyone who has seen RABBIT will be happy to know that British filmmaker Run Wrake is back with his hysterical THE CONTROL MASTER, a collaboration with the artist Veer. The film is an electrifying “melting pop” inspired by imagery from ’50s-era comic books and featuring flying superheroes, a mutant heroine and a mad scientist hungry for power and mass destruction. The final word goes to Brits Tanya Erzinclioglu and Nicola Coppack, who take us to the heavens with their poetic AERIUS.

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