DREAD + BOOK OF BLOOD: Two much-anticipated Clive Barker adaptations premiere at FANTASIA!

July 13th, 2009 17:07:00


FANTASIA is proud to present director John Harrison in person for the North American premiere of BOOK OF BLOOD. Frequent Romero collaborator, film composer and Tales From the Darkside director John Harrison takes on some of the most daunting tales from Clive Barker's much-beloved Books of Blood collection to fashion a startling horror film with the blackest of hearts.

Taking the affecting and grotesque Clive Barker stories "Book of Blood" and "On Jerusalem Street" and meshing them into a single narrative, BOOK OF BLOOD is about a paranormal specialist bent on unlocking the mysteries of a notorious murder site, and her exploitation of a reluctantly clairvoyant boy who has a horrifying (and somewhat poignant) means of communicating with the dead.

BOOK OF BLOOD was produced by Anthony DiBlasi (who also produced last year's relentless MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN), who makes his own directorial debut at Fantasia with the World Premiere of DREAD, the story of a thesis project gone horribly awry - also hailing from the Books of Blood collection. A young student of philosophy (Shaun Evans)is determined to exorcise his own demons - left over from witnessing the murder of his parents as a child - by studying people's deepest, darkest fears.

Both films screen only once at Fantasia so be sure to see them on the big screen and participate in the post-screening Q&A with the directors while you have the opportunity!


BOOK OF BLOOD has its North American Premiere on Monday July 13th at 7:00pm in the Hall Theatre. See full details on the film, including images, trailers and more on the film page HERE.

BOOK of BLOOD will be preceded by the grisly directorial debut from award-winning graphics artist Wes Benscoter's short film HOLD YOUR FIRE.

DREAD has its World American Premiere on Tuesday July 14th at 9:45pm in the Hall Theatre. See full details on the film, including images, trailers and more on the film page HERE

DREAD will be preceded by Richard Bates Jr.'s short film EXISION.

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