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Mil Máscaras Vs the Aztec Mummy

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Mil Máscaras Vs the Aztec Mummy

(Mil Mascaras: Resurrection)

Canadian Premiere

  • USA 2007
  • 90 min
  • HD
  • English


Action / Adventure

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“Rivals any super hero movie made in the mainstream... enough fun to satisfy a schoolyard full of genre geeks” — Bill Gibron, POPMATTERS


Director: Andrew Quint & Chip Gubera
Screenplay: Jeffrey Uhlmann
Cast: Mil Máscaras, Jeffrey Uhlmann, Kurt Drennmen Mirtsching, Williard Pugh, Mellisa Osborn
Producers: Kannappan Palaniappan, Chuck Williams, Jeffrey Uhlmann
Print Source: Osmium Entertainment



In a mysterious temple, a gruesome ritual is underway to resurrect a thousand-year-old mummy. A devotee willingly sacrifices himself by cutting out his own heart for his master (now that’s devotion!). The revived Mummy acquires a powerful sceptre with which to brainwash his minions and enemies. He must also feed on blood and by doing so, he absorbs the knowledge and memories of his victims. The local chief of police and a professor must call upon the best hero in town to help them solve these crimes—the legendary Mil Máscaras! The professor’s daughter, Maria (who’s infatuated with Mil Máscaras, 40 years her senior), has a strange mark on her body, the sign of a curse that will force her to be the Mummy’s bride. This undead monster will stop at nothing to conquer the world, kidnap Maria and avenge himself against the Mil Máscaras legacy—for he has already been defeated several times by the long line of Mil Máscaras forefathers. Fortunately, Mil Máscaras is not alone. The whole Champions of Justice gang is always ready to step in and even the odds against the Mummy’s villainous henchmen!

At long last, a worthy return of the lucha libre movie, a genre that since 1952 has spawned close to 200 films featuring Mexican masked wrestlers. The most famous is of course Santo, the man in the silver mask who starred in no less than 50 films. His best-known compatriots, Blue Demon and Mil Máscaras, also appeared in over 20 films each. Of the big three, Mil Máscaras was the youngest—born in 1942, he started as a professional wrestler in 1965 and made his cinematic debut in MIL MÁSCARAS a year later. In 2007, at age 65, Mil Máscaras made a dashing comeback in what is acclaimed as the best luchador movie in 30 years. And indeed it is! Lavishly photographed and smartly directed, this plucky indie movie shot in Missouri is the best-looking film of this genre—ever! The acclaim it has earned has led to two sequels already. Sporting a different mask in almost every scene (his name, after all, means “the man with a thousand masks”), Mil Máscaras is in outstanding shape considering his age. And get ready for appearances by lucha libre’s biggest names—Son of Santo, Blue Demon Jr., La Torcha, Huracan Ramirez Jr., Neutron, Dos Caras, Argozan, El Medico Angel, El Cardo, Trench Fighter and Maura Incognita! Yes, folks, the Champions of Justice have returned!

—André Dubois

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