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(Da Lui Toi)
Sponsored by: Hong Kong Economic & Trade Office (Canada)

Canadian Premiere

  • Hong Kong 2010
  • 98 min
  • 35mm
  • Cantonese with English/chinese subtitles
Hosted by actor Bruce Leung and co-director Clement Cheng

Official Selection, Hong Kong International Film Festival 2010
Official Selection, Udine Far East Film Festival 2010
Official Selection, New York Asian Film Festival 2010


Martial ArtsComedyAction / Adventure

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“Thus far 2010's biggest surprise — an entertaining and winning kung-fu comedy with plenty of old-school Hong Kong Cinema love” — LOVEHKFILM


Director: Derek Kwok & Clement Cheng
Screenplay: Derek Kwok, Clement Cheng, Frankie Tam
Cast: Bruce Leung, Chen Kuan Tai, Teddy Robin, Susan Shaw, J.J. Jia
Producers: Gordon Lam Ka-tung
Print Source: Focus Films Limited

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Special Legendary Kung Fu Star Award   

Special Legendary Kung Fu Star Award



He’s fast, quick, powerful, undefeated—and he hates ugly people. His motto is, “If you fight, you must win… if you don't want to lose, you don’t fight!” His name is Master Law (Teddy Robin) but lovely ladies, please call him Ben. That was 30 years ago, though. Now the master is in a coma, surrounded by Dr. Fun (Susan Shaw), the young kung fu girl Kwai, the washed-out martial arts students Tiger and Dragon (Bruce Leung and Chen Kuan Tai) and a three-decade-old preserved duck. Law’s once-glorious kung fu school has been reduced to a teahouse barely able make the rent, and the two students, once champions, are unfit to train a new generation. Developers want to level the school for much-needed condo space in the already cramped quarters of inner-city Hong Kong. Enter a certified loser: Cheung is sent to assist in the transfer but finds himself siding with underdogs. Meanwhile, Master Law has awakened to a heavy case of amnesia. Luckily, his kung fu chops (along with his knack for vulgarity) seem to be intact. Can he whip the down-and-out denizens of the former kung fu school into shape to face off against the heartless developers?

A critical and festival hit that toured the world before opening in its home territory this past June, GALLANTS is a kung fu powerhouse for those who love martial arts, comedy, colourful characters and pure entertainment. Imagine GRUMPY OLD MEN meets GRAN TORINO on a kung fu trip. But don’t let the old age fool you—it’s really about the youthfulness of the human spirit. Directors Derek Kwok (the award-winning PYE DOG) and Clement Cheng score a knockout punch with the help of action director Yuen Tak (FONG SAI YUK, BODYGUARD FROM BEIJING), who keeps all fights powerful, exciting and fully devoid of digital effects. Watch Bruce Leung (the Toad from KUNG FU HUSTLE) show off his legs of fury in the spectacular finale and Shaw Brothers superstar Chen Kuan Tai (CRIPPLED AVENGERS, 14 BLADES) battle Lo Meng (another Toad, from FIVE VENOMS). Rounding out this admirable cast of newcomers and veterans is a frozen chicken, masquerading as the 30-year-old preserved duck, which may bring balance to the kung fu world! Teddy Robin pulls double duty, bringing us an extraordinarily groovy soundtrack in addition to his comeback performance. He’s doing what he does best, which is making us laugh, as the legendary Master Law who insults, scolds and charms ladies with extreme hilarity.

—King-Wei Chu

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