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Rick Trembles’ Motion Picture Purgatory Decensortized

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Rick Trembles’ Motion Picture Purgatory Decensortized

  • Canada
  • 60 min
  • English
Live multimedia performance!



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Director: Rick Trembles

Part of...

Lost Myths / Rick Trembles' Motion Picture Purgatory Decensortized   

Lost Myths / Rick Trembles' Motion Picture Purgatory Decensortized

Opens for...

Lost Myths   

Lost Myths

| 40 min
English language



“Undead & in person next to the slithery slideshow screen, using hand-drawn biographical anecdotes, Trembles will make you tremble as he narrates how he first got into macabre movies & the comix medium as a youngster (influenced by the Canadian World War Two comics his father was published in) & what made him think he could merge the two! From King Kong to Cronenberg, don’t miss Trembles’ alternate terror-tinged take on the history of cinema!”

That’s right, kids, the one and only Rick Trembles, famed creator of the Motion Picture Purgatory comic-strip film reviews and director of award-winning freakazoid shorts like GOOPY SPASMS and GOD’S C**KSUCKERS has whipped up a spoken-word slideshow like no other! Trembles traces his often-censored history through a 30-year-plus career in comix, from his personal growth through film to his battles with (and ultimate banning by) the old guard of the Montreal Mirror, to his unceremonious dumping by a horrified CBC. While dazzling your mind’s eye with his trademark lunatic visuals, Trembles will treat you to wildly unconventional breakdowns of some of your favourite cult films, tracing society’s constantly shifting boundaries of what was culturally acceptable in cinema across the 20th century while laying his personal life bare. Don’t miss this rare chance to spend an evening in the company of the cartoonist The Guardian hailed as “a genius” and Robert Crumb declared “even more twisted and weird” than himself. And if you’re really nice, Trembles will personally sign and draw on copies of his latest 192-page collection of film reviews, publish by FAB Press, “Motion Picture Purgatory Volume 2.”

—Mitch Davis

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