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A Frozen Flower

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A Frozen Flower

Sponsored by: Sundance Channel

Canadian Premiere

  • South Korea 2008
  • 133 min
  • 35mm
  • Korean with English subtitles
Official Selection, Chicago International Film Festival 2009
Official Selection, Gent International Film Festival 2009
Official Selection, Munich Asia Filmfest 2009



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"A masterful piece of storytelling... tense and gripping throughout... a very adult film in every sense of the word" — James Mudge, BEYONDHOLLYWOOD.COM


Director: Yu Ha
Screenplay: Yu Ha
Cast: Jo In-sung, Ju Jin-mo, Song Ji-hyo
Producers: Lee Tae-hun
Print Source: M-Line

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Korean Cinema



In the waning days of the medieval Goryeo kingdom, Hong-lim is the commander of the Gunryongwi, a cadre of 36 men trained from early childhood to be the King’s personal bodyguards. With Hong-lim growing up in the palace, the King develops a great affection for the young man—an affection that eventually blossoms into something more, and the two becomes lovers. The nation, however, is under the dominance of China’s Yuan Dynasty and Goryeo’s King, if he hopes to maintain control over his domain, must produce an heir. As beautiful as the Queen, who is of the Yuan line, may be, the King cannot summon the lust to consummate their marriage, and so he directs Hong-lim to take his place in the royal bed. The plan takes a turn for the worse when his lover, more sexually ambiguous than the King, falls deeply for the Queen—and she for him. Their uncontrollable passion pushes them to pursue an ongoing affair, even though to do so is to betray their benefactor and commit an act of treason, risking their very lives in a forbidden love triangle.

A lush, exciting and visually striking historical drama, A FROZEN FLOWER breaks controversial new ground with its plethora of sizzling, explicit sex scenes. But this is no mere exploitation film—the steamy encounters are wisely used as devices to propel the engaging plot forward, often at a rapid pace. The main characters, portrayed by three very talented actors, are complex, multi-layered entities whom the viewer quickly becomes quite attached to. None is played as a villain, or a hero for that matter. All three are at the mercy of the politics of the time and the intricacies of the royal court. Director Yu Ha (A DIRTY CARNIVAL) is as adept at crafting subtle moments of intimacy as he is at thrilling battle scenes, and he uses that versatility here to great effect. A FROZEN FLOWER is that rare film that breaks your heart, quickens your pulse and takes your breath away.

—Robert Guillemette

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