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Technotise: Edit & I

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Technotise: Edit & I

(Technotise: Edit i ja)

Montreal Premiere

  • Serbia 2009
  • 100 min
  • 35mm
  • Serbian with English subtitles


Sci-Fi / FantasyAnimation

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Director: Aleksa Gajić
Screenplay: Aleksa Gajić
Cast: Sanda Knežević, Nebojsa Glogovac, Nikola Đuričko, Marija Karan, Vlasta Velisavljevic
Producers: Zoran Cvijanović, Aleksa Gajić, Milko Josifov, Alex Nikolić
Print Source: Black White 'N' Green Animation Studios

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Subversive Serbia   

Subversive Serbia

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2009 | 19 min
English language



Edit is a smart, poised and exceptionally good-looking young psychology student in Belgrade in the year 2074, contending with her difficult mother and goofball boyfriend Bojan. In addition to her studies, she works for a major scientific research firm, where her task is to be a companion to a silent, withdrawn, possibly autistic math genius. After failing her gruelling psych exam for the sixth time, however, she decides to lower her ethical standards a notch or ten and have a black-market memory-booster chip implanted in her arm to guarantee a passing grade next time around. The chip is successful, but seems to have some strange side effects, and Edit is soon gobbling iron-supplement pills like an addict. Something is going on inside her, and whatever this mysterious condition may be, it is of great interest to the company she works for…

And so begins Serbia’s first animated feature film, an energetic, eye-popping cyberpunk thrill ride that’s scientifically calibrated to knock the socks off fans of Japanese anime and European bandes dessinées alike. TECHNOTISE: EDIT & I certainly owes a debt to Japan’s animated cyberpunk classics (watch for a clever little wink at AKIRA), but unlike the obviously influential GHOST IN THE SHELL, it dials down the postmodern philosophical ramblings to a tolerable level and instead offers plenty of that hard-edged black humour so characteristic of Serbs. Aesthetically, though, TECHNOTISE: EDIT & I is a feast for fans of Euro-sci-fi comics à la Moebius and Métal Hurlant. No surprise, as in addition to being a well-established illustrator at home, the film’s writer/director Aleksa Gajić is known across the continent for his comic books with prominent French publisher Soleil. His debut film is a sequel to his popular graphic novella “Technotise,” and his remarkable strengths at the drawing board come through in every frame—it’s a shame to see the film just once because it’s so packed with delightfully distinctive and carefully drafted little visual details and devices. Lovers of well-crafted, futuristic animation for discerning adults have long been stuck with Japan as their exclusive source, but TECHNOTISE: EDIT & I proves that Eastern Europe, which already has a rich history in the medium, is loaded with exciting potential.

—Rupert Bottenberg

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