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Spoken Word, Multimedia & Performance Art : The Complete Metropolis - A Gala Event at Place des Arts

The Complete Metropolis - A Gala Event at Place des ArtsSeldom has the rediscovery of a cache of lost footage ignited widespread curiosity as did the announcement, in July 2008, that an essentially complete copy of Fritz Lang's METROPOLIS had been found. This prompted an incredible year-long restoration project, the results of which will be unveiled for the first-time in Eastern Canada this summer, at Fantasia. Featuring over 25-minutes of new material (1,257 shots, including entire new sequences), the complete Metropolis will be screened as a special gala event at Place des Arts’s 3000-seat Wilfrid Pelletier theatre on July 28. For this special night, internationally renowned silent film composer Gabriel Thibaudeau has written a new score for the feature, which he will perform with a 13-piece orchestra live at the screening. It will be a fantastically historical night in every sense of the word!

Click the link below for much more information on this special restoration and screening.

THE COMPLETE METROPOLIS will be unveiled July 28, 7:30PM, Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier, Places des Arts.

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