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Canadian Premiere

Absentia Absentia Absentia Absentia Absentia

Hosted by Writer/Director/Producer Mike Flanagan and Producers Justin Gordon and Morgan Peter Brown

WINNER: Best Narrative Feature Award, Sonoma International Film Festival 2011
WINNER: Best Horror Feature, Phoenix International Horror & Sci-Fi Film Festival 2011
WINNER: Honorable Mention, Best Narrative Feature, Fargo Film Festival 2011

Screening Times

"Pretty damn terrifying" — AIN'T IT COOL

"Haunting, beautiful and scary as hell” — ARROW IN THE HEAD

"Creepy, intelligent and mesmerizing" — MICROFILMMAKER


Director: Mike Flanagan
Screenplay: Mike Flanagan
Cast: Katie Parker, Courtney Bell, Dave Levine, Doug Jones
Producers: Justin Gordon, Mike Flanagan, Morgan Peter Brown
Print Source: FallBack Plan Productions

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The Suicide Tapes   

The Suicide Tapes

Canadian Premiere
2011 | 24 min
English language



A missing person needs to remain that way for seven years before legally being declared dead in absentia. Today, Tricia’s long-vanished husband qualifies for this terrible honour. Even while filling out the final paperwork, she keeps missing-person posters for her husband, clinging to whatever hope she can. Her younger sister Callie, a recovering junkie, moves in with her for moral support. They struggle to avoid discussing the elephant in the room. Their town has a higher-than-average number of missing persons. Much higher than average. Search posters for the hastily departed adorn trees and posts like pockmarks and everyone seems to know someone who knows someone who vanished into thin air without warning or return.

Every once in a while, a tiny independent film made on nothing (in this case, financed through Kickstarter and shot with Canon DSLRs) steps out of the fog and chills you to your very core. In 2011, ABSENTIA is that film, the proverbial little indie that could. And does. With an impact that will haunt your dreams. Evocative of Val Lewton and conjuring genuine primordial fear, ABSENTIA is one of the creepiest, most intelligent independent horror films to come along in ages. It’s an auspicious feature debut for writer/director Mike Flanagan. With well-constructed characters, gripping performances and a solid emotional core, Flanagan creates a reality — a normalcy — that we never question. When he introduces chilling elements of the abnormal into this normalcy, your heart will begin skipping beats. This is a film that very cleverly connects to your inner child, lures it to the surface and sets its head on fire. You will be afraid of the dark. Of what may be inside the walls. Of the sounds you hear inside of other sounds. Skin will crawl.

Flanagan’s visuals make staggeringly effective use of darkness and empty spaces for purposes both visceral and metaphorical. This is, after all, a slow-burn film that plays on the fear of coping with someone that you love leaving for a few hours and disappearing off the face of the Earth. Its marinated in the ghostliness of loss and mourning, all the while being shot through with nervous panic and a mysterious element of the mythological. Make no mistake, however. This is not a psychological drama with vague horror overtones. This is a full-on supernatural horror drama. It will leave you trembling.

—Mitch Davis

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