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Bangkok Knockout

(Koht Soo Koht Soh)
Sponsored by: GURU

Canadian Premiere

Bangkok Knockout Bangkok Knockout Bangkok Knockout Bangkok Knockout Bangkok Knockout

Official Selection, New York Asian Film Festival 2011

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Director: Panna Rittikrai
Screenplay: Panna Rittikrai, Dojit Hongthong, Jonathon Siminoe
Cast: Speedy Arnold, Supakson Chaimongkol, Sorapong Chatree
Producers: Prachya Pinkaew
Print Source: Magnolia Pictures



The last time director Panna Rittikrai directed a film, two entire, actual villages were destroyed in the process and a man nearly had his head crushed by the wheel of a fast-moving transport truck. The last time Panna Rittikrai unveiled a new protégé to the world, Jija Yanin caused an international sensation with CHOCOLATE. The time before that, it was Dan Chupong in BORN TO FIGHT. And before that? Oh, that would be Tony Jaa in ONG BAK. You see where we’re going here? For better than 30 years now, Panna Rittikrai has been The Man when it comes to Thai action films. In his own career as a stuntman he has defied death more times that one can count. His eye for talent is unparalleled. And his style of fight choreography is now recognized internationally as the most brutal, bone-crunching and ‘Oh my God, how did that guy not die?’-inducing of any fight specialist in the world.

Well, Rittikrai has directed a new film. It’s called BANGKOK KNOCKOUT, which we think you’ll agree is a nicely evocative title for a director of Rittikrai’s skills. And it features not just one new Rittikrai protégé but nine. Built around the skills of nine favoured members of Rittikrai’s stunt team, BANGKOK KNOCKOUT tells the story of a group of friends, members of an informal fight club, who must band together when one of their members is kidnapped. Madness ensues. True to the promise of a film titled BANGKOK KNOCKOUT, as opposed to a film called Bangkok Actors or Bangkok Philosophers Discuss the Human Condition, this film has fighting. Lots and lots of fighting. And lots and lots of stunts. Stunts of the miss-by-just-an-inch-and-you’ll-most-likely-die variety. The winner of the Best Stunt Work award at ActionFest 2011, BANGKOK KNOCKOUT has a very simple aim — to be the most kick-ass film you see in the next year. Yup. Mission accomplished.

—Todd Brown

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