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Cold Sweat

(Sudor frío)

Canadian Premiere

  • Crime / Thriller
  • /
  • Argentina
  • /
  • 2010
  • /
  • 80 min
  • /
  • HD
  • /
  • Spanish with English subtitles
Cold Sweat Cold Sweat Cold Sweat Cold Sweat Cold Sweat Cold Sweat Cold Sweat

Official Selection, South By Southwest 2011

Screening Times

”The best kind of genre film... feels like where the state of indie horror filmmaking should be” — Brian Kelley, GORDON AND THE WHALE

“A hoot to watch... walks the line between thriller and horror film with some genuinely funny comedic moments” — Noah Lee, FILM THREAT

“a solid, brisk, fun and tense midnight movie” — Samuel Zimmerman, FANGORIA


Director: Adrián García Bogliano
Screenplay: Adrián García Bogliano, Ramiro García Bogliano, Hernán Moyano
Cast: Facundo Espinosa, Marina Glezer, Camila Velasco, Omar Musa, Omar Gioiosa
Producers: Pablo Bossi, Juan Pablo Buscarini
Print Source: Buena Vista International



Roman’s girlfriend has disappeared. Well, it’s his ex-girlfriend, really, but Roman wants her back. Back as his girlfriend and just plain back because, as already stated, she’s disappeared. So with the help of his rather fetching, yet platonic, female friend Ali he tracks her down, following the IP addresses of a string of online messages to an old house sitting ominously alone.

Is she in there? You bet she is, but in a hysterical example of how you can never trust that people are who they appear to be online, she’s not there with the attractive young man she went to meet but rather a pair of crotchety old coots, failed political revolutionaries who now spend their days luring young women online and subjecting them to a variety of re-education experiments geared towards some unspecified end. These two would be a classic comic couple — one of them comes complete with eye patch and walker — if not for the fact that they like to douse their young women with highly unstable, decades-old nitroglycerin to force their compliance.

Argentina’s Adrián García Bogliano embraces the ridiculous in COLD SWEAT. He revels in the inherent silliness of his plot, throwing in twists and turns not because they make good logical sense — the whole premise is daft — but because he understands that movies should be fun and, dammit, he’s here to serve his audience. If this requires concocting a ludicrous premise to very slowly cut off a dripping-wet woman’s clothing in extreme close-up, then so be it! Bogliano has the greatest job in the world, basically, a fact he knows full well and takes full advantage of. And if that fact alone isn’t enough to elevate COLD SWEAT to art, it does at least make for something that's pretty damn fun.

—Todd Brown

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