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Invasion of Alien Bikini

Sponsored by: Ciné Asie

Canadian Premiere

Invasion of Alien Bikini Invasion of Alien Bikini Invasion of Alien Bikini Invasion of Alien Bikini Invasion of Alien Bikini Invasion of Alien Bikini

WINNER: Grand Prix, Yubari Fantastic Film Festival 2011

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Director: Oh Young-doo
Screenplay: Oh Young-doo
Cast: Hong Young-geun, Ha Eun-jung
Producers: Oh Young-doo
Print Source: Indiestory

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Ciné-Asie presents Fantasia's 2nd annual Korean Film Spotlight   

Ciné-Asie presents Fantasia's 2nd annual Korean Film Spotlight

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Young-gun is one uptight guy, obsessed with his wholesome, almost priest-like lifestyle. Ferociously opposed to sin, he’s the kind of guy that annoys everyone at parties. However, once night falls, he dons his ’70s-porn-style moustache and roams the urban jungle in search of a misdeed to prevent. Suddenly, a female cry pierces the night. Young-gun runs to the rescue and encounters a gang of thugs attacking Monica, a woman of extraordinary beauty. After administering a glorious beating, he brings the victim home, but Young-gun is not the kind to take advantage of such a situation — even when the victim is clearly hitting on him. When she proves even more insistent, he tells her he plans on staying chaste. Sadly for him and his virginity, Monica will not leave without having been inseminated and she will use every asset to get what she wants. Now take a second look at the tile of this film and I’m sure you can complete this equation. Damn right! Monica is an extraterrestrial looking to perpetuate her race of invaders and she will make use of her bikini, among other things, to stimulate the expulsion of Young-gun’s precious liquid, while he tries his best not… to… blow it!

After DAYTIME DRINKING and THE NEIGHBOR ZOMBIE, INVASION OF ALIEN BIKINI proves once again that independent Korean filmmakers are capable of producing miracles on micro-budgets — in this case, a true gem! ALIEN BIKINI offers a mix of genres — horror, science fiction, action, comedy and martial arts — for less than a $5,000 budget! And the film totally holds its own. Director Oh Young-doo not only offers what is to be expected of a film called INVASION OF ALIEN BIKINI, namely a magnificent and scantily-clad alien, often-dubious humour, a strong comic book feel and a splash of gore, but goes further than anticipated in the development of its main character, whose past is surprisingly tormented. The film goes from being one big sex joke in which Monica “tortures” Young-gun to get his semen (!), to one seriously troubling story, during a scene of gripping violence which changes the tone in the blink of an eye. Fundamentally original, ALIEN BIKINI is an unclassifiable oddity, winner of the Grand Prix at the last Yubari Fantastic Film Festival, which proves that emerging talent, passion and inventiveness will always triumph over budgetary restrictions.

—Nicolas Archambault (translated by Ariel Esteban Cayer)

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