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A Lonely Place to Die

Canadian Premiere

A Lonely Place to Die A Lonely Place to Die A Lonely Place to Die A Lonely Place to Die A Lonely Place to Die A Lonely Place to Die A Lonely Place to Die A Lonely Place to Die A Lonely Place to Die A Lonely Place to Die A Lonely Place to Die A Lonely Place to Die A Lonely Place to Die A Lonely Place to Die

Hosted by Co-Writer/Director Julian Gilbey

WINNER: Jury Prize, Best Feature/Best Director, ActionFest 2011

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"A massively, brilliantly accomplished thriller... Wrings you out like a wet rag." — AIN'T IT COOL NEWS

“Breathtaking... A well-crafted slice of action and suspense” — Luke Mullen, FILM SCHOOL REJECTS


Director: Julian Gilbey
Screenplay: Julian Gilbey, William Gilbey
Cast: Melissa George, Ed Speleers, Eamonn Walker, Sean Harris
Producers: Mike Loveday, Toby Richards
Print Source: Genesis Film Sales



Step right up, thrill-junkies, but do so with caution because this harrowing rollercoaster of a chase thriller – one of the most exciting discoveries of 2011— is going to blow your freaking head off!

Five mountaineers on a climbing trip in the Scottish Highlands find their hiking plans violently re-carved when they stumble across a Serbian child buried alive in the center of oblivion, her cries echoing through a breathing pipe jutting from the earth. They leap to her rescue, digging her from the ground. In doing this, they’ve thrown themselves straight in the middle of a vicious kidnapping scheme, becoming the targets of some unbelievably ferocious men. Men who will hunt them to the ends of the earth or the end of their days. Men who, by all appearances, are absolutely unstoppable.

Words cannot prepare you. Opening as a slow-burn thriller before exploding into a volcano of pulse-pounding suspense and action that will stop your heart, this film hits levels of intensity that are absolutely exhilarating. Think CLIFFHANGER with characters you actually care about, fuelled with the adrenaline and panic of THE DESCENT. Bafta-nominated director Julian Gilbey (RISE OF THE FOOTSOLDIER) trained himself in rock climbing in preparation to shoot this film the right way, and does it ever show. The imagery, stunts and staging he manages here will suck the breath clean out of your lungs. No joke, Gilbey has executed some of the most thrilling action set pieces in recent memory, with moments that are evocative of James Cameron’s work circa THE TERMINATOR and ALIENS. The experience is positively throttling, yet measured, plausible and character-driven through and through. Decked out with extraordinary location work and a stellar cast that includes Melissa George (30 DAYS OF NIGHT), Ed Speleers (ERAGON), Sean Harris (HARRY BROWN) and a disarmingly heroic Karel Roden, this is one of the greatest, most hair-raising actioners you’ll encounter anywhere this year. Wait till you see this thing!

—Mitch Davis

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