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The Corridor

Canadian Premiere

The Corridor The Corridor The Corridor The Corridor The Corridor

Hosted by Director Evan Kelly, Writer Josh MacDonald and Producer Craig Cameron

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“A psychological, sci-fi horror whodunit… This Guys Gone Wild(ly Insane) weekend resonates somewhere between STAND BY ME and EVENT HORIZON” — Nicole McConvery, BOSTON UNDERGROUND FILM FESTIVAL


Director: Evan Kelly
Screenplay: Josh MacDonald
Cast: Stephen Chambers, James Gilbert, David Patrick Flemming, Matthew Amyotte, Glen Matthews
Producers: Craig Cameron, Mike Masters
Print Source: Last Call Productions



“It’s driving us out of our minds… and into everyone else’s.” Tyler Crawley’s mother has recently passed away, and she’s taken a piece of her son’s mind with her. Tyler has had a complete breakdown. When his friends try to help, one of them finds himself with a knife through his hand, landing him in an institution. Now, nearly one year after his mother’s death, he is being released. In an attempt to rebuild lost friendships, Tyler’s friends arrange for a weekend getaway at his mother’s old country house. There they will scatter her ashes, bond and heal. Things spiral into hell when the group encounter something in the woods nearby, an energy field of some sort, a corridor possibly between dimensions, or something else. They don’t know what it is, but standing inside it makes them feel damn good. Stronger, smarter, healthier than they’ve ever felt. It also kicks a sting into their senses. Their hearing, vision, smell and taste sharpen, but also something else. The corridor has given them a window into each others’ minds, and with that, into each other’s jealousies, resentments, fears and neurosis. Tempers flare. Confusion builds. Violence explodes, again and again. Terrifyingly random acts begin to occur.

Be proud, Canada, be proud. There’s a genre-film storm brewing in Halifax. Director Evan Kelly and screenwriter Josh MacDonald stand alongside HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN’s team of Jason Eisener, Rob Cotterill and John Davies as red-hot examples of this burgeoning Nova Scotia freakwave (the films share some cast members and crew as well, though it should be mentioned that their sensibilities couldn’t be more dissimilar). An ingenious spin on “cabin in the woods” horror narratives, THE CORRIDOR plays like a character-driven TWILIGHT ZONE episode by way of Larry Fessenden, a science-fiction nightmare that shrewdly explores the horrors of group dynamics and machismo taken to distorted extremes. Call it an hallucinatory THE BIG CHILL with mass murder. Kelly’s film is a marvel that frequently surprises with twists and turns that will amaze you, all the while keeping its stellar ensemble cast believable in the face of some highly unconventional situations. Smart, tight and shocking, THE CORRIDOR is one hell of a breakout.

—Mitch Davis

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