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The FP

Sponsored by: McAuslan

International Premiere

The FP The FP The FP The FP The FP The FP The FP The FP The FP The FP

Hosted by Co-Writers/Co-Directors Brandon & Jason Trost

Official Selection, South by Southwest 2011

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“Silly, filthy and utterly unique... fueled by black-souled, delightfully vulgar anarchy” — Jacob Hall, CINEMATICAL

“Absurd and awesome… bursting with idiotic humor and in-your-face stoner wit” — Jordan Hoffman, UGO


Director: Brandon Trost, Jason Trost
Screenplay: Brandon Trost, Jason Trost
Cast: Jason Trost, Lee Valmassy, Art Hsu, Caitlyn Folley, Nick Principe
Producers: Steven Schneider, Jason Blum, Christian Agypt, Brandon Barrera
Print Source: Trost Productions



Somewhere, sometime, in a dystopian near-future — you know it's the future because everyone’s rocking headbands, hairspray, shoulder pads and manicured mullets — two rival gangs confront each other in a battle to the death. Our hero JTRO, windswept and eyepatched like a fresh-faced young Snake Plissken, cannot fail with his footwork in the arena of Beat Beat Revelation, the dance-fight videogame. His brother BTRO, however, isn’t so skilled or lucky. While their mohawked and mutton-shopped nemesis L Dubba E, leader of a band of hip hop hillbilly hooligans, laughs in victorious viciousness, BTRO fails, collapses and dies. JTRO is shattered. Leap ahead a year and he has withdrawn to a menial job at a logging site, not far from Frazier Park, aka the FP, the place he calls home. JTRO can run, but he can’t hide. His buddy KC/DC begs him to return to battle against L Dubba E, who has the town’s liquor supply in a chokehold (and what is civilization without alcohol?) and claimed the damsel JTRO’s crushing on as his own. Under the stern guidance of his mentor BLT, JTRO will regain his dance prowess and confront the bad guys, challenging them to the ultimate beat-off!

Slap on your freshest acid-wash finery, tie a bandana around your leg for no apparent reason and tease your hair to the extreme, the 1980s are back — the 1980s, mind you, as filtered through such VHS-era gang-paranoia gems as ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK, THE WARRIORS and CLASS OF 1984. The Trost brothers and their resolute crew of weirdoes have assembled a ludicrous concoction, one where the line between celebration and satire is blurred to irrelevance as they wallow in the tropes of vintage ’80s B movies. The dialogue, which you can bet is going to earn a cult reputation and YouTube mash-ups galore, is a rapid-fire, wrong-side-up hodge-podge of multisyllabic swearing, ridiculous rap patois, goofy ’80s slang and awkward, unintentional homoeroticism (when some dude “pounds his ass,” JTRO knows a “beat-off” is in the cards!). Needless to say, the wardrobe department follows comparable cues, and the script is a perfect pastiche of every shape-up-for-a-showdown flick of the era. Note that THE FP was produced by the folks behind PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, INSIDIOUS and PHASE 7 (and co-director/cinematographer Brandon Trost has previously shot such films as CRANK: HIGH VOLTAGE and HALLOWEEN II). The enthusiasm of all involved is as glaringly obvious as dayglo fat laces, so get ready to get rad, people—a revolution is brewing and it’s got a beat!

—Rupert Bottenberg

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