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Monster Brawl

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World Premiere

Monster Brawl Monster Brawl Monster Brawl Monster Brawl Monster Brawl Monster Brawl Monster Brawl Monster Brawl

World Premiere

Hosted by Director Jesse T. Cook, Actor Art Hindle and many members of the cast

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Director: Jesse T. Cook
Screenplay: Jesse T. Cook
Cast: Dave Foley, Art Hindle, Jimmy Hart, Robert Maillet, Lance Henriksen
Producers: Jesse T. Cook, John Geddes, Matt Wiele
Print Source: Anchor Bay



Hit the bleachers, it’s a creature feature! Tonight’s the night the frights will fight! In an eerie, foreboding graveyard, one that decent folk avoid and not-so-decent folk claim is cursed, a wrestling ring has been installed in anticipation of the most combat spectacle in which things that go bump in the night bump, batter and bash each other to the death! That’s right, folks — Monster Brawl is in full, ferocious swing, and the pairings could not be more scary. From the realm of Greek myth comes one-eyed Cyclops, up against the bitter and treacherous Witch Bitch (and her pint-sized manager, the Grub)! From Transylvania, it’s Lady Vampire, baring her fangs at Egyptian import the Mummy! The Werewolf is howling to put some hurt on that bad boy from the bayou, the slime-spittin’ Swamp Gut! And flesh-chomping Zombie Man faces off against the fearsome Frankenstein!

Lovers of the iconic monsters of movieland, shriek with joy! Fans of full-tilt wrestling action, hoot and holler with glee! Writer-director Jesse T. Cook has cooked up creep-clash comedy combo of the two, complete with clever background segments for each of the eight fightin’ fiends, and dig who he’s dug up to populate his graveyard of grievous harm! A veritable who’s-who of horror flicks and wrestling rumbles! The lovingly lugubrious Lance Henriksen narrates. KIDS IN THE HALL alumnus Dave Foley is hilarious as always, playing off Canuck schlock vet Art Hindle (BLACK CHRISTMAS, PORKY’S) in the announcer’s booth. Calling the outcomes ringside is none other than the Mouth of the South himself, Jimmy Hart, the most visible (and reviled!) manager of the classic ’80s WWF scene. Toss in Herb Dean, the most admired referee in the Mixed Martial Arts scene, arbitrating the action, longstanding wrestling-federation figure Kevin Nash as Zombie Man’s military master and Robert Maillet, likewise a turnbuckle titan but perhaps best known as the big, bald beast-dude in 300, as Frankenstein. Now you’ve got the makings of a morbid melee par excellence!

—Rupert Bottenberg

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