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Montreal Premiere

Super Super Super Super Super Super Super Super Super Super Super Super Super Super

Official Selection, Toronto International Film Festival 2010
Official Selection, South by Southwest 2011

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“Fun and funny, dark and twisted, semi-schizophrenic and certifiably insane” — Scott Weinberg, CINEMATICAL

“Scabrously hilarious” — Serena Whitney, DREAD CENTRAL

“the bitch-slap reality check the superhero genre was supposed to get from KICK-ASS... a genre deconstruction unafraid to go all the way while remaining ridiculously entertaining” — Scott A. Gray, EXCLAIM!


Director: James Gunn
Screenplay: James Gunn
Cast: Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page, Liv Tyler, Kevin Bacon, Nathan Fillian, Andre Rovo, Sean Gunn, Stephen Blackehart, Don Mac, Linda Cardellini
Producers: Miranda Bailey, Ted Hope
Print Source: Seville Pictures

Screens with...

We, Time Machines   

We, Time Machines

Vejado en el tiempo
Canadian Premiere
2011 | 8 min
Spanish language, English subtitles



Down-on-his-luck Frank (Rainn Wilson) has a complete breakdown after his gorgeous junkie wife (Liv Tyler) leaves him for the neighbourhood smack dealer (Kevin Bacon?!). Unable to cope, he reinvents his position in life by becoming a not-quite-stable DIY superhero, the Crimson Bolt, lumbering out into the streets in search of any wrongs he can right. Any at all. Really, anything. After all, superheroes don’t need superpowers. They don’t even need a steady income. Frank knows that all a good superhero needs is the drive to make a difference — and a total, bitter-hearted ambivalence towards surviving the night. When he meets up with a misfit comic-store clerk half his age (the wonderful Ellen Page, in full geekstress mode), he even gets a sidekick. Together, they will take on the world. Sort of.

Believe the hype on this one, folks. SUPER is a crazy good time. Everything about it is gold, and when you know where it came from, that’s no surprise. Fantasia fiends first met writer/director James Gunn when he visited the fest as a screenwriter in 1997, accompanying Lloyd Kaufman for our Canadian launch of TROMEO AND JULIET. Since then, he’s emerged as a bona fide pop iconoclast, scripting the DAWN OF THE DEAD remake, the SCOOBY-DOO films, writing and directing the absolutely terrific SLITHER and creating the hysterical PG PORN web series. With SUPER, Gunn has delivered a subversive, wit-spattered superhero/urban alienation satire mega-charged with kookiness and soul. It’s more screwball than you could ever hope for, and its sidesplitting humour is biting to the extreme, yet beneath the laughs, Gunn’s film is ultimately about mental illness and alienation. He juggles these elements beautifully — watch out for an extraordinary tragicomic sex sequence — and the awkward-eccentric chemistry between Wilson and Page is utterly charming, at times evoking the best moments of GHOST WORLD. One of the most balls-out entertaining films of the past year, SUPER has been tearing up the international festival circuit since its Toronto launch in 2010. It had a theatrical release in the U.S. this past April, but there are currently no such plans for Canada. In other words, our special showing will mark the only time Montrealers will be able to catch Gunn’s maniacal magnum opus on the big screen. Trust us, it’s something you don’t want to miss. Be there with tights on!

—Mitch Davis

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