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World Premiere

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World Premiere

Hosted by Writer/Director/Co-Producer Jed Strahm and producer David Penotti

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Director: Jed Strahm
Screenplay: Jed Strahm
Cast: Katherine Randolph, Krista Braun, Scott Elrod, Grant Reynolds, Kym Jackson
Producers: Jed Strahm, David Penotti, Damian Pejka
Print Source: Jed Strahm



It’s Christmas Eve, a time for family and celebration. Abbie is busy preparing orders of gingerbread cookies with her wheelchair-confined sister Michele — an intimate, uneventful Christmas between sisters. However, something is amiss in the loft complex they call home. Chains have been secured to the front gate, cameras have been tampered with and a mini-van lingers in the parking lot… A plan is in action and unpleasant characters begin to materialize as the number of tenants starts to dwindle. In the middle of the night, Michele is struggling for sleep when the unthinkable happens: a vile criminal lurking in the shadows throws himself at the disabled young lady, planning to take her by force until Abbie intervenes and stops the transgression. A golf club to the head ferociously puts him out of commission. It’s over, the worst has passed… except that the bastard wasn’t alone. His band of thugs erupts into the loft, the evening’s standard practice as they’ve already gone through every unit, ransacking the belongings and the lives of the residents. This is the gang’s last stop. Abbie and Michele’s grief is far from over. A night in hell is about to begin…

“The human body has six quarts of blood. Prepare to see every drop,” proclaims the poster for this new nightmare. Nothing about this brutal home invasion can be taken lightly. The housing complex literally becomes a prison with its exits blocked and no help on the way. The assailants in writer/director Jed Strahm’s first feature come off as a twisted mix between the disenfranchised of SAVAGE STREETS and the various gangs of THE WARRIORS, while bringing in a volatile element — a woman more sadistic than the men heading up the gang. Before the big chief’s arrival, she derives unhealthy pleasure in taking control over the degenerating situation. The nauseating atmosphere recalls that of films like LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT and DEATH WEEKEND (the latter also at Fantasia this year), leaving little room for the imagination as horrors multiply and all hell breaks loose. Functioning as a cruel and inescapable trap, this new opus in the home-invasion genre will not leave you unscathed once the lights come back on.

—Patrick Lambert (translated by Guillaume Desbiens)

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