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You Are Here

Montreal Premiere

You Are Here You Are Here You Are Here

Hosted by Writer/Director Daniel Cockburn and Executive Producer Brenda Goldstein

Official Selection, Locarno International Film Festival 2010
Official Selection, Toronto International Film Festival 2010
Official Selection, Calgary Underground Film Festival 2011

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"Inventive and multi-layered, YOU ARE HERE is a brilliantly organized first feature full of philosophical ideas and tremendous energy” — Atom Egoyan

"A charming, Charlie Kaufman-like metafictional puzzler” — Leslie Felperin, VARIETY


Director: Daniel Cockburn
Screenplay: Daniel Cockburn
Cast: Tracy Wright, Shannon Beckner, Richard Clarkin, Emily Davidson-Niedoba, R.D. Reid
Producers: Daniel Bakerman, Daniel Cockburn
Print Source: zeroFunction Productions

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World Premiere
2011 | 7 min



Here’s an expository effort to lay out the impossible cartography of one of the weirdest wonders of 2011’s cinematic crop: An ordinary man knows he knows not much at all, aside from his name, Alan, and the fact that he’s on the road. On his birthday, a vision of a door leading to nowhere is an ill omen to Alan. Obsessed with the reasons behind this incomprehensible image, he’s dragged into an existential crisis. A scientist initiates a complex experiment on the workings of the human brain. Using himself as a guinea pig, he has no idea what grave consequences lie in store. A woman has taken on the mission of storing and sorting, in a small room, enigmatic audio-visual documents of unknown origin. Her task may well be impossible as the archiving room seems to be self-aware and self-transforming. An inventor creates an ocular prosthesis that can counter blindness. At this point, it’s understandable if you feel a little lost — remain calm, this information is merely to prepare you for what’s in store.

“You are here.” It’s a statement that subtly begs a question — we’re here, sure, but where exactly is “here”? This fascinating philosophical question serves as the leitmotif for the iconoclastic debut feature film by Daniel Cockburn. Constructed as a conceptual labyrinth from which the only path out is through complete disorientation, this amazing work alternates with mathematical rigour between various strange tales that while seemingly unrelated make up a complex structure, that of a recently shattered mind. Marked by literary preoccupations — fans of Borges and Danielewski will rejoice — Cockburn’s erudite flights of fancy intermingle magnificently. Like Pater Sparrow’s 1, seen last year at Fantasia, YOU ARE HERE distinguishes itself with an radical rejection of contemplation, instead rushing at full steam into a spectrum of strong emotions. This chaotic whirlwind of the comical and the confounding quickly leaves one a little stunned, but nonetheless ceaselessly captivated by the many mysteries the film puts forth. It benefits from remarkable feats of mise en scene — the sequence with the man with quite literally many faces is one you won’t soon shake — and a high-calibre cast including the late Tracy Wright in her final role. YOU ARE HERE brings a splash of original creativity to the Canadian cinematic landscape. We may be accued of overstating our case, but we feel justified in pointing to Cockburn as the next Atom Egoyan, nothing less!

—Simon Laperrière (translated by Rupert Bottenberg)

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