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Féminines/Fair Game

World Premiere

  • /
  • Quebec
  • /
  • 2010
  • /
  • 4 min
  • /
  • French with English subtitles
Féminines/Fair Game

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Director: Natacha Veilleux
Screenplay: Natacha Veilleux
Cast: Sébastien en Louis XIV Karl Farah Geneviève Fuoco Claudia Hurtubise Charlotte Van Dongen
Producers: Kino'00 et Natacha Veilleux
Print Source: Natacha Veilleux

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Conquête !   

Conquête !



FAIR GAME is a brief incursion into fantasy, a fairy tale for adults. Two robbers come back from a bar convinced they made their best catch ever. They soon discover that their victims were not what they seemed to be.

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