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DIY With Chug : Chug Builds a Birdhouse

World Premiere

  • /
  • Quebec
  • /
  • 2010
  • /
  • 4 min
  • /
  • English/french with French subtitles
DIY With Chug : Chug Builds a Birdhouse

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Director: Beans and Bueller (Ryan Darwin, Sabina Gibson)
Screenplay: Ryan Darwin, Sabina Gibson
Cast: Chug and a Rat
Producers: Ryan Darwin, Sabina Gibson
Print Source: Beans and Bueller

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Des Deux Bords   

Des Deux Bords



Chug wants you to learn. He has some simple D.I.Y projects to demonstrate. Grab a brew and pull up a lawn chair while Chug shows you how to build a birdhouse.
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