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Phase 7

(Fase 7)

Canadian Premiere

Phase 7 Phase 7 Phase 7 Phase 7

Official Selection, Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival 2010
Official Selection, South by Southwest 2011
Official Selection, Brussels International Fantastic Films Festival 2011

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“Intense... scary... filled with slapstick and wit... tightly constructed” — Christopher Campbell, SPOUT

“A steady balance of dread and black comedy... top-notch dialogue and performances” — QUIET EARTH


Director: Nicolás Goldbart
Screenplay: Nicolás Goldbart
Cast: Daniel Hendler, Jazmín Stuart, Yayo Guridi, Federico Luppi
Producers: Sebastian Aloi
Print Source: Bloody Disgusting Selects

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Canadian Premiere
2011 | 16 min
English language



With their first child on its way, Coco (Daniel Hendler) and Pipi (Jazmín Stuart) are getting ready to start a lovely little family. Aside from a few troubling details throughout the day, all seems to be going quite well. Once evening arrives, a special bulletin hits the news: a virus has the authorities worried, because epidemics have been declared in other countries and seem to be expanding quickly. The health department launches a rapid response, going door to door to isolate problem cases and stop the spread of the illness that begins with a simple cough. Coco and Pipi’s apartment tower is under quarantine until further orders, with instructions to limit contact with one’s neighbours. But the more time passes, the higher the tension rises, and bands are forming. Coco has the luck of allying with Horacio (Yayo Guridi), a paranoid survivalist who finally has a purpose for his obsessive preparedness. Remaining alive becomes the utmost priority as supplies dwindle and the lack of information from the outside world cranks up the tenants’ restiveness. Soon enough, extreme decisions and their heavy consequences come to the fore as mounting chaos becomes inevitable.

Taking place in a quotidian setting of ordinary routine, PHASE 7 surprises with its artifice-free approach, relating its disturbing story of an epidemic in a completely realistic and entirely plausible fashion while sustaining a streak of black humour. Initially regarded with little concern by the tenants, the situation slowly intensifies as time slips by with no news of the contagion’s development outside of the housing complex. That’s where lies the brilliance of writer/director Nicolás Goldbart, who elects to never leave his characters to show what might be occurring in the outside world. A cross between RIGHT AT YOUR DOOR and MULBERRY STREET, PHASE 7 stretches its modest budget to great effect, and never loses sight of its biting comic intent. Is it possible to truly trust your neighbours when circumstances degrade and decency gives way to desperation? Should one abandon the coughing old man? Unite with the unhinged paranoiac? Choices must be made when calamity strikes. Make good use of your freedom to leave your home and come see PHASE 7!

—Patrick Lambert (translated by Rupert Bottenberg)

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