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The Divide

Canadian Premiere

The Divide The Divide The Divide The Divide

Hosted by Director Xavier Gens and Actors Michael Biehn and Jennifer Blanc

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“Thrilling... a disturbing vision... visceral” — Amy Curtis, WE GOT THIS COVERED

“Effectively feral performances and bleakly compelling ideas” — Scott Weinberg, FEARNET


Director: Xavier Gens
Screenplay: Karl Mueller, Eron Sheean
Cast: Michael Biehn, Lauren German, Milo Ventimiglia, Rosanna Arquette, Courtney B. Vance
Producers: Ross M. Dinerstein, Juliette Hagopian, Darryn Welch
Print Source: Anchor Bay Films



Comet-like missiles streak down upon New York City, reducing it to a scream-filled apocalyptic firestorm. A group of eight strangers frantically take refuge in the fortified basement of their damaged building as the Big Apple — reflected in an unbelieving, tear-filled eye — is transformed into a graveyard of millions. The attack is over, but what happens after the shelter door closes is a genre-defying ride into the psychosis of the city’s survivors and a haunting insight into mankind’s corruption when societal rule has crumbled.

France’s Xavier Gens, the acclaimed writer/director of FRONTIER(S), delivers a riveting new film which reveals just as much about the horrors inside its filthy bunker as those outside its bent, fortified door. With cabin fever quickly setting in, THE DIVIDE’s survivors quickly become just that — and survive they will… at any cost. The building’s superintendent — and the group’s defacto leader — pushes for sanity, but as the bunker is rocked by burst after violent burst, a claustrophobic dementia sets in and all sense of order is likewise nuked. Toss in a gut-wrenching fear of the veiled atomic unknown and a handful of merciless, hazmat-suited scientist types outside the shelter, and you’ve got a recipe for post-disaster disaster that, quite regrettably, just might be impossible to rise above.

Michael Biehn, as the building’s hard-nosed super, delivers a bravado performance that explodes against the film’s bleak, fluorescent-tinted earth tones. It certainly doesn’t hurt that Biehn’s tough-as-nails Mickey is up against Rosanna Arquette, Lauren German, Courtney B. Vance, Ashton Holmes and Milo Ventimiglia, in a role that will forever disassociate him from the word “hero.” Typically, it’s the quiet ones you’ve gotta look out for… but in the radiation-drenched bowels of NYC, it’s probably in your best interest to keep a cautious eye on everyone. Rest assured, this is Gens at his finest — delivering bleak narrative filmmaking unlike anything seen today, and placing him back among the brutal, sickeningly real and totally unrepentant modern French horror luminaries. This is LORD OF THE FLIES meets THREADS, with some of the finest far-out performances in ages. A shockingly believable post-apocalyptic masterpiece, THE DIVIDE is what happens when the lights finally go out for good, the world falls silent, and there’s only madness to keep you company.

—Ted Geoghegan

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