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Canadian Premiere

  • Crime / Thriller
  • /
  • Spain
  • /
  • 2010
  • /
  • 85 min
  • /
  • 35mm
  • /
  • Spanish with English subtitles
Kidnapped Kidnapped Kidnapped Kidnapped Kidnapped

WINNER: Best Picture (Horror Feature), Best Director (Horror Feature), Fantastic Fest 2010
Official Selection, Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival 2010
Official Selection, Leeds International Film Festival 2010

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"**** A new genre classic. Do everything you can to find it." — John Fallon, ARROW IN THE HEAD

“A relentless punch in the gut” — Eric Kohn, INDIEWIRE

“A triumph in style, concept, and execution” — Jeremy Kirk, FIRST SHOWING


Director: Miguel Angel Vivas
Screenplay: Miguel Angel Vivas, Javier García
Cast: Fernando Cayo, Manuela Vellés, Ana Wagener, Guillermo Barrientos, Dritan Biba
Producers: Emma Lustres Gómez, Borja Pena
Print Source: IFC Films



You want intensity? Ferocity? Full-out shrieking terror? Be careful what you wish for, because KIDNAPPED is the film that will leave you sweat-drenched and begging for mercy. A home-invasion thriller that seems to be coming straight out of hell, KIDNAPPED is the story of a family held captive by a ruthless pack of thugs in their new home, just hours after having moved in. A quiet, upper-class family on unfamiliar ground in every sense, they try to make the best out of a frightening crisis, but after they’ve been slapped around and robbed of every valuable, they are faced with an even more frightening scenario. The thieves are not leaving. Every attempt at reasoning with or outsmarting their captors escalates an already bad situation, and everyone involved realizes that they may, in fact, be looking at the point of no return. Now what?

Writer/director Miguel Angel Vivas exploded onto the international genre film scene with his stylish zombie short I’LL SEE YOU IN MY DREAMS (winner of an Audience Award at Fantasia, and later released on our SMALL GAUGE TRAUMA DVD compilation via Synapse Films). That film proved he had the chops for staging memorable action set pieces with darkly entertaining cores. He was good. Now, he’s exceptional. KIDNAPPED is the work of a matured filmmaker in perfect control of his craft, a man whose instincts are sharp as daggers and whose talent can now be classified a weapon of mass destruction. Vivas captures the entire film in just a dozen prolonged shots, throwing the viewer face-first into the panic and hysteria of an unimaginably tense ordeal, forcing absolute visceral empathy with the happenings onscreen. The performances and direction are uncannily powerful, in part the result of three weeks of grueling rehearsals leading up to the film’s two-week, 12-take shoot. You will be watching parts of this film from between your fingers. You will scream out loud at least once. Our lawyers would probably force us to make you take a physical examination and present a doctor’s approval note at the box office if they saw this film. This is an experience so completely immersive and engrossing that it will hit you like a force of nature.

—Mitch Davis

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