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Some Guy Who Kills People

Canadian Premiere

Some Guy Who Kills People Some Guy Who Kills People Some Guy Who Kills People Some Guy Who Kills People Some Guy Who Kills People Some Guy Who Kills People Some Guy Who Kills People Some Guy Who Kills People Some Guy Who Kills People

Official Selection, Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival 2011
Official Selection, Brooklyn International film festival 2011
Official Selection, Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival 2011

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Director: Jack Perez
Screenplay: Ryan A. Levin
Cast: Kevin Corrigan, Barry Bostwick, Karen Black, Lucy Davis, Leo Fitzpatrick
Producers: Ryan A. Levin, Jack Perez, Micah Goldman, Michael Wormser, Kristin Holt, John Landis



The word “quirky” is freely bandied about in the annals of indie cinema and often it’s a band-aid that masks a cloying, would-be hipster sensibility. But in director Jack (MEGA SHARK VS. GIANT OCTOPUS) Perez’s low budget, witty and offbeat black comedy SOME GUY WHO KILLS PEOPLE (which also marks the feature debut of screenwriter Ryan A. Levin, winner of a 2007 Fantasia Audience Award for his short film THE FIFTH), quirky is a badge of honour, defining an skewed universe filled with bent people that refuse to behave like normal human beings. It’s one hell of a funny picture but one that matches its mirth with some very grim undercurrents.

Actor Kevin Corrigan, so good in films like PINEAPPLE EXPRESS and BIG FAN, gets a rare chance to take centre stage here as Ken, a physically scarred, emotionally withdrawn and irreparably damaged individual who had been committed to an institution after harrowing incidents in his early life. Upon his release, Ken finds a lowly job in the food industry and attempts to find a semblance of happiness but he is tormented by memories and by a grinning, goony cavalcade of people who continue to treat him like dirt. Ken snaps and proceeds to methodically murder — in graphic, hilariously arch ways — his antagonists. Thrown into the mix is a hard-boiled macho Sheriff (ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW vet Barry Bostwick), Ken’s doting and dotty mother (the great Karen Black) and a chirpy young daughter that didn’t know she even had a dad (Ariel Gade). And more than a few plot twists.

Executive produced by quirk king John Landis, whose immortal horror comedies AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON and INNOCENT BLOOD it shares some tonal traits with, SOME GUY WHO KILLS PEOPLE is great, gory, unpredictable fun and is anchored by an embarrassment of fantastic performances by actors who deserve far more attention than the Hollywood machine normally gives them. Black in particular liberates herself from her recent spate of cartoonish roles in films such as Rob Zombie’s HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES to deliver one of her best turns in decades and it’s a pleasure to see Bostwick have a blast with a character that could easily fall into caricature. Fans of SHAUN OF THE DEAD and the original BBC TV show THE OFFICE will get a kick out of seeing actress Lucy Davis in the cast as well. But the main reason to watch is the underrated Corrigan, who is in almost every scene and invests his hangdog anti-hero with the kind of gravitas reserved for major awards. Come and see what we mean when Fantasia unspools this jet-black gem to the kind of crowd that will appreciate its charms.

—Chris Alexander

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