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Les aventures de Qui

World Premiere

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  • Quebec
  • /
  • 2011
  • /
  • 4 min
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Les aventures de Qui

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Director: Carlo Ghioni
Screenplay: Carlo Ghioni
Producers: Carlo Ghioni
Print Source: Carlo Ghioni

Part of...

Des Deux Bords   

Des Deux Bords



This is the story of Who, a Rabbit who thinks too much.
Who has long ears, within which he wraps himself and curls up to sleep. Who walks around, it is raining and wants to find a shelter for the falling night, he finds an old mansion, he enters, finds with floating bones; Who observes
a strange Human Figure collecting animals as he digs in the cellar: skulls are strewn about packed with papers and titanium, to become teddy Bears for children; a taste Who does not particularly enjoy. Who begins to ponder his own fate, observing his long shadow of the Bogey man that spirals in on itself. He is about to take off when he bumps into a lady rabbit to rescue - he finds love.
Love that turns out to be a tragic trap.
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