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What Fun We Were Having: 4 Stories About Date Rape

World Premiere

  • Drama
  • /
  • USA
  • /
  • 2011
  • /
  • 80 min
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  • HD
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  • English
What Fun We Were Having: 4 Stories About Date Rape

Hosted by Director/Co-Writer Adam Wingard and Co-Writer Simon Barrett

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Director: Adam Wingard
Screenplay: Adam Wingard, E.L. Katz, Simon Barrett
Cast: Joe Swanberg, A.J. Bowen, Lane Hughes, Amanda Crawford, Jasper Lee
Producers: Alex Justinger, Travis Stevens, Joe Swanberg

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Medicated Monsters: A Spotlight on Filmmaker Adam Wingard

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2008 | 3 min
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Adam Wingard’s bold new anthology film features four interconnecting stories set in smalltown America that explore date rape from a variety of uncomfortable angles. In “Hot Boys,” Lane Hughes becomes the object of desire for confused gay boy Jared (Jasper Lee, who also composed much of the film’s music), who has been trapped in a one-sided romantic relationship with the hopelessly deluded, pixie-ish Abby (Amanda Crawford). In “The Sleep Creep,” the most overtly horrific in tone of the film’s four offerings, a young woman believes her house may be haunted because she keeps waking up with strange bruises. In “The Meat Man” — a story that weaves in and out of the overall film as a connecting device — A.J. Bowen (HOUSE OF THE DEVIL, A HORRIBLE WAY TO DIE) again plays a friendly psychopath, this time a roving hypnotist who takes time out of his busy schedule to go on “dates” with unsuspecting women. And in the final instalment, founding mumblecore actor/director Joe Swanberg (SILVER BULLETS) plays a hapless dishwasher who gets saddled with his roommate’s attractive teenage sister for the day. As daytime drinking turns into an evening of obliterating drunkenness, strange, reprehensible things start to happen.

Wingard’s latest film may have an ironic title that inspires knee-jerk reactions, but anyone who has experienced his dreamy concoctions (POP SKULL, A HORRIBLE WAY TO DIE — both at Fantasia this year) will know to expect something special. One of several film projects that has kept its director busy over the past year, WHAT FUN WE WERE HAVING steps out of familiar genre terrain into the heady realm of dark sexual politics, sometimes with more levity than you would expect. As with all of Wingard’s characters — created here with the help of co-writers E.L. Katz (POP SKULL) and Simon Barrett (A HORRIBLE WAY TO DIE) — they are very human, flawed and imperfect, but utterly compelling in their idiosyncrasies. The naturalism that pervades Wingard’s films even against the ethereal and sometimes disorienting backdrops he creates is aided in no small part by the fact that all the actors improvised their own dialogue. Confrontation isn’t a cut-and-dried affair here, and often comes in the form of reluctant self-awareness. Wingard sets up an atmosphere of dread and then holds up a mirror so the characters can watch themselves behaving badly. With Wingard’s signature lighting in full effect, anxiety-inducing sound design and killer performances all around, WHAT FUN WE WERE HAVING may not be such an ironic title after all.

—Kier-La Janisse

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