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Illness Magnified

Canadian Premiere

Illness Magnified Illness Magnified

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Director: Julia Fuller

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Surviving Life (Theory & Practice)   

Surviving Life (Theory & Practice)

Přežít svůj život (teorie a praxe)
Montreal Premiere
Czech Republic/ Slovakia
2010 | 110 min
Czech language, English subtitles



Illness Magnified is an experimental documentary about the experience, language, and spaces of illness from the perspective of both patients and physicians. It contrasts personal and institutional conceptions of illness and the body by exploring how they are visualized, documented, and described.

Using voice-over interviews, medical imagery, and handmade recreations of the internal body, the film addresses the complexity of these representations and unveils the often unacknowledged lived experience of the patient as well as the emotional experience of the physician.
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