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What's Up?

What's Up?

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Director: Kim Sheridan
Screenplay: Kim Sheridan
Producers: Kim Sheridan

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Article 12   

Article 12

North american Premiere
U.K./ Argentina
2010 | 75 min
English language, French subtitles



A small film crew looks up at the sky and contemplates what's really going on with our environment. This film was created as part of the 2010 International Documentary Challenge, in which a short non-fiction film had to be written, filmed, and produced within a five-day period. First-time documentary filmmaker Kim Sheridan accepted this challenge, but took it one step further. She chose to do it all with a crew of only two: herself and her husband. Kim wrote, directed, produced, co-edited, co-filmed, narrated, and even created the musical score for 'What's Up?' It is her intention that the film will encourage viewers to open their eyes and their minds, and to take action to make a positive difference in the world around us.
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