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Karaoke Dreams

World Premiere

  • Experimental
  • /
  • Quebec
  • /
  • 2011
  • /
  • 75 min
  • /
  • video
  • /
  • English/french
Karaoke Dreams Karaoke Dreams Karaoke Dreams Karaoke Dreams Karaoke Dreams Karaoke Dreams

Hosted by Co-Writer/Director Jean Leloup

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Director: Jean Leclerc
Screenplay: Jean Leclerc, Huy Phong Doan
Cast: Esther Gaudette, Huy Phong Doan, Violette Chauveau, Sébastien Arribas, Daniel Rousse, Maxim Gaudette
Producers: Last Assassins
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“Are you convinced that you’re being controlled? The wheel of life turns tirelessly, carrying with it good and evil. In a pink brothel, an obese fifty-year-old waits. It is a long and painful wait, seeing as the brothel is sucking up his subconscious for future projection — the syrupy Dr. Welltiper, a specialist in healing through assassination, is the creator of this bordello that absorbs brain matter in order to extract 100 per cent pure psychosis capsules. The fat man is having a hard time — through painful memories of his lousy family, fantastical figures agitate themselves in a game of mirrors: a beautiful hooker-enforcer piercing the eyes of a venal transvestite while a homicidal little girl ceaselessly stabs a shattered victim. Excerpts of 100 per cent pure human subconscious. Ask your doctor. Montreal, spring 2011” – Jean Leloup

After having dabbled in several professions, including that of rock star, guitar hero Jean Leclerc, AKA Jean Leloup, has decided to become Dr. Johnny Welltiper, a filmmaker/doctor operating the human subconscious in order to extract pure and unadulterated dream capsules. Jean Leloup has always been visual. Think about it — his personas’ looks have always been important, his album covers creative and his songs often descriptive in nature. KARAOKE DREAMS is an important project for Jean Leloup. The film’s music is composed by the Last Assassins, a band made up of Virginia Tangvald, Mathieu Leclerc and Jean Leloup on the guitar. The band was created for this soundtrack but still exists, aimed at producing dirty, sexy rock ’n’ roll. An album is slated for release in the fall. Filmed in Vietnam and Montreal, the project has kept the artist busy for over three years, proclaiming itself “post-dogma.” If Dogma 95 self-imposed 10 rules or constraints, Jean Leloup lives by only one — to follow no rules at all. He demands complete freedom with this feature. Built as a choral film, its story is complex and comprised of various capsules with their own distinct style. Violence, dark humour, poetry, paranoia, neurosis and rock ’n’ roll come together in a delirium worthy of Leloup, as iconoclastic as ever. KARAOKE DREAMS is a piece of work that has the courage to flaunt its differences, to develop a certain emotional vulnerability and sense of alienation hidden beneath a resolutely experimental form.

—Marc Lamothe (translated by Guillaume Desbiens)

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