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The Unliving


Canadian Premiere

The Unliving The Unliving The Unliving

WINNER: Best European Short Film, Berlin International Film Festival 2011

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Director: Hugo Lilja
Screenplay: Hugo Lilja
Cast: Jonatan Rodriguez, Emelie Jonsson, Anna Uddenberg
Producers: Bonnie Skoog Feeney
Print Source: Dramatiska Institutet

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Invasion of Alien Bikini   

Invasion of Alien Bikini

Canadian Premiere
South Korea
2011 | 75 min
Korean language, English subtitles



Thirty years after a zombie outbreak, people have now gotten used to living with the unliving. They have become a cheap source of labour through a lobotimisation process. Catching the zombies and treating them is Katrin and Mark's job. What would happen the day you'd find out a loved one in the day's catch?

—Stephanie Trepanier

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