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Friend of Flies

International Premiere

Friend of Flies Friend of Flies Friend of Flies

Hosted by Director/Writer/Animator Emil Gustafsson Ryderup

Screening Times

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Director: Emil Gustafsson Ryderup
Screenplay: Emil Gustafsson Ryderup
Producers: Kristofer Henell
Print Source: One Night Picture

Opens for...

Ninja Kids!!!   

Ninja Kids!!!

Canadian Premiere
2011 | 100 min
Japanese language, English subtitles



A lonely little boy takes a special interest in flies. After domesticating them, he forms an army of mutant flies that make him the ruler of the world. His unquenchable thirst for power and revenge against those who rejected him make him a tyrant ruler with one goal: the annihilation of humankind.

—Stephanie Trepanier

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