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The Last Norwegian Troll

(Det siste norske trollet)

Montreal Premiere

The Last Norwegian Troll The Last Norwegian Troll

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Director: Pjotr Sapegin
Screenplay: Pjotr Sapegin
Producers: Gry Nøstdahl
Print Source: Pravda as

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The Troll Hunter   

The Troll Hunter

Canadian Premiere
2010 | 90 min
Norwegian language, English subtitles



A long time ago, Norway used to be populated by trolls, thales and other creatures of the country’s folklore. But not anymore. After a long sleep, a troll discovers he’s now the last one of his kind living on this earth and has to adapt to the new ways of the country, living alone under a bridge. But one day, three goats decide to get rid of the old troll...

—Stephanie Trepanier

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