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Night Fishing


North american Premiere

  • Experimental
  • /
  • South Korea
  • /
  • 2011
  • /
  • 33 min
  • /
  • HD
  • /
  • Korean with English subtitles
WINNER: Golden Bear for Best Short Film, Berlin International Film Festival 2011

Screening Times

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Director: PARKing CHANce (Park Chan-wook, Park Chan-kyong)
Screenplay: PARKing CHANce (Park Chan-wook, Park Chan-Kyong)
Cast: Oh Kwang-rok, Lee Jung-hyun
Producers: Jeong Wonjo
Print Source: Magnolia

Part of...

Ciné-Asie presents Fantasia's 2nd annual Korean Film Spotlight   

Ciné-Asie presents Fantasia's 2nd annual Korean Film Spotlight

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Winner of the Golden Bear and the Grand Jury prize at the Berlin International Film Festival, NIGHT FISHING tells a tail of a fisherman who catches a fish that turns into a young woman. The fisherman and the woman both end up entangled in the fishing line. She seems dead but she wakes up, strangles him and he passes out — and a shamanic ritual trip begins. The entire film was shot on an iPhone 4, with a budget of $130,000, by celebrated director Park Chan-wook (OLDBOY), and Park Chan-kyong, an acclaimed visual and installation artist.

—Mi-Jeong Lee

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