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Aversion Aversion

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Director: GF Roberts
Screenplay: GF Roberts, Ted Spencer
Cast: Andrew Roth, Melantha Blackthorne, Marc Raco, Richard Flight, Ted Spencer
Producers: GF Roberts, Karen Farinelli



Private investigator Alex Stokes isn’t the type to take the best care of himself, but he will take any case that comes his way. How can he resist when a mysterious man asks Stokes to follow his alluring wife, a task he’ll pay quite handsomely for? It seems like a pretty routine gig to Stokes until Claire, the woman he has been hired to watch, attempts suicide. His rescue leads to romance. It’s not just the sparks of love that are flying, though, but the cinders of the fires of hell as well. Stokes has unwittingly planted himself at the epicenter of a maelstrom of demonic manifestation!

An inspired mélange of film noir, science fiction and hellish horror, with dashes of comedy and dark conspiracy, AVERSION is the feature debut from GF Roberts, following his two 2008 shorts, THE CITIZEN CORE and SARAH’S DEMONS. It co-stars a face familiar to Fantasia regulars, Montreal actress Melantha Blackthorne, the femme fatale frequenting Sv Bell’s indie goodies, and of course her own COUNTESS BATHORIA’S GRAVEYARD PICTURE SHOW.

Roberts showcases a fondness for the physicality of filmmaking with AVERSION, shooting the movie on photographic film — madness in this day and age, sheer madness! — and creating all but a handful of the special effects in camera. Also worth a salute is Roberts’ adherence to the GreenFlicks guidelines for environmentally ethical filmmaking. But don’t let the good deeds fool you. Roberts is out to unleash evil — bloody, terrifying, supernatural evil!

—Rupert Bottenberg

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