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North american Premiere

Ghost Ghost

Official Competition, Short Films Section, Cannes Film Festival 2011

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Director: Dahci Ma
Screenplay: Dahci Ma
Cast: Taeyoung Kang, Soyeon Jin
Producers: Jay Jeong
Print Source: Premium Films

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Ciné-Asie presents Fantasia's 2nd annual Korean Film Spotlight   

Ciné-Asie presents Fantasia's 2nd annual Korean Film Spotlight

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Bleak Night   

Bleak Night

North american Premiere
South Korea
2010 | 116 min
Korean language, English subtitles



In competition at Cannes 2011, Dahci Ma’s GHOST is about a starving man’s imagination, which gets bigger in an empty house. The man sucks on a chicken bone to fill his hunger, but it’s useless. He puts it down on the floor, and it turns into a doll and follows him around as his hallucination begins. GHOST was inspired by the director’s visit to Pusan, South Korea last year, where she witnessed a man who was hiding in an empty house in an area of the city filled with construction for re-development.

Dahci Ma is a South Korean filmmaker born in 1987. She started filmmaking right after dropping out of high school at the age of 14. Her short films have been shown at several international film festivals. She won the Jury Prize at 37th Dance on Camera Festival in New York in 2009 for THE MYSTERIES OF NATURE, the youngest director to ever win the prize. Dahci Ma has a broad perspective as a director, which she gained based on the experiences of working in various genres and styles of film.

—Mi-Jeong Lee

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