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Shadow Puppets

World Premiere

Shadow Puppets Shadow Puppets

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Director: Sam Carter
Screenplay: Evan Fowler
Cast: Angelyn Pass, Annie Peterle, Beau Brown, Evan Fowler & Gillian Stevens
Producers: Eddie Stone & Sam Carter
Print Source: StoneCarter Media

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DJ XL5’s Rockin’ Zappin’ Party   

DJ XL5’s Rockin’ Zappin’ Party



Stan Gable isn't a bigot. He doesn't hate anybody... except puppets. As a self proclaimed 'fluff-o-phobe', Stan's worst nightmare comes true when a group of puppets move into the house across the street. As his suspicion turns to paranoia, Stan tries desperately to convince those around him that the puppets are up to something. Is Stan crazy, or is there something truly sinister about his cute and cuddly neighbors?
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