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  • Charles Lapointe

    Few cultural events can trigger the intense satisfaction that accompanies the Fantasia International Film Festival. An enthralling maelstrom of genre films, this celebratory cinematic gathering exercises an atypical power of attraction that extends the city’s radiance well beyond its borders. Every year for the past 15 years, bold and non-conforming directors have reigned supreme at the event, much to the gratification of the voracious film fanatics indulging in all that is Fantasia.

    As with Montréal, Fantasia welcomes creativity of all types, an environment that cultivates fertile territory for those adventuresome artists who dare to think outside of the box. And with the eternal feverishness that characterizes each new edition of the festival emerges a shining reflection of Montrealers’ fondness for celebrating, with contagious enthusiasm, their unwavering passion for the arts. Montréal has truly enjoyed Fantasia’s progress over the years.

    Enjoy the festival!

    Charles Lapointe

    The Right Honorable Charles Lapointe
    President and CEO,
    Tourisme Montréal

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