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Performances artistiques, présentations multimédia et rencontres : Robin Hardy in Conversation with Richard Stanley

Robin Hardy in Conversation with Richard StanleyJoin us for a special conversation between two of Britain’s most brilliant genre film voices. Robin Hardy, director of the 1973 classic THE WICKER MAN (and now, its much anticipated follow-up, THE WICKER TREE, premiering at the festival this year) and Richard Stanley, maker of such modern classics as DUST DEVIL and HARDWARE (as well as the “Mother of Toads” segment in THE THEATRE BIZARRE, also premiering at the festival). While generations apart in age, both filmmakers share numerous distinctive qualities. An astute understanding of the occult, an encyclopedic knowledge of history and religion and a profoundly biting ability for dark satire and ironic poetry. Both are also master raconteurs, captivating speakers who can have any crowd hanging on their every word. Their films, usually made years apart from one to the other, are wholly singular visions, unique, unconventional and uncompromising works that challenge, amuse and startle. A conversation with either is no different. A discussion between the two might very well make the world end. Sit down with this inspired pair of talents and enjoy a sure-to-be-fascinating discussion of faith, filmmaking and the occult — and whatever else may possess them. Copies of Hardy’s THE WICKER TREE novel will be available for sale and signing after the panel.

At Reggie’s Bar, Wednesday, July 20, 5:30 p.m., free admission

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