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World Premiere
  • USA
  • 2012
  • 113 mins
  • DCP
  • English
Hosted by Director Charles de Lauzirika, producer Raleigh Steward, production designer David L. Snyder and Actor Josh Lawson

Aiden is a hungry, thirty-something, freelance crime-scene photographer who lives in Detroit, where hostility is seemingly everywhere. Like his old friend Pete, a longtime police officer, he’s seen some pretty gruesome things during his career. Aiden shoots kids’ birthday parties to help pay his rent. Sometimes, he thinks out loud when he should’ve shut his big mouth. He’s also somehow plagued with bizarre fantasies, mixing sex and ultraviolence. All this makes Aiden a paranoid, delusional, yet very functional individual. There’s a lot going on in his mind, where he spends a lot of time. But he’s also a romantic at heart, who fancies Virginia, a cute 22-years-old who lives next door. When things get a little hotter and heavier between them, everything gets twisted, leading to blackmail, drama and murder. The trigger, if you will, is Aiden’s discovery of a gun — sort of. And then there’s Ravi, his neighbour’s drugged-out ex-boyfriend. Aiden may even think this despicable guy deserves to die — but does he, really?

CRAVE is the first feature film of Charles de Lauzirika, an established producer/director of home video special editions. He worked with acclaimed directors such as Sam Raimi, James Cameron, the Coen Brothers, Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Robert Rodriguez, among others, and won several awards, including one for his work on the BLADE RUNNER Ultimate Edition (he’s done all of Ridley Scott’s releases), David Lynch’s TWIN PEAKS and the ALIEN Quadrilogy box set. After David Fincher’s withdrawal, he even directed the restored cut of ALIEN 3. De Lauzirika’s stylized cinematography and themes recall the groundbreaking and influential turns of TAXI DRIVER’s and FIGHT CLUB, while its nicely bleak and gory humour is not too far from DEXTER’s. The film’s duo of Australian-born lead actors is stellar, with Josh Lawson (THE WEDDING PARTY) as the righteous yet disconnected broken main man, and sweet-and-sour Emma Lung (TRIANGLE) as both the object of his desire and reason for his downfall. Plus, you get a cool supporting cast including Edward Furlong (TERMINATOR 2) and genre giant Ron Perlman (HELLBOY himself!).

— Kristof G.