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World Premiere
  • France
  • 2014
  • 75 mins
  • HD
  • French
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Hosted by Director Jean-Luc Herbulot, Actor/Producer Dan Bronchinson and Co-producer Jean Mach

Dan dreams of Australia and leading a quiet existence far away from all the crime and chaos that is crushing his spirit. While dealing drugs may be a profitable job, it also comes with its share of screw-ups, back-stabbings and broken legs. Not the ideal job for a single father trying to raise his daughter in peace. Dan thinks his prayers have been answered when a regular client offers him an offer he can’t refuse. One big last score, Dan’s ticket to Down Under, is to find a kilo of coke in under three hours. His extensive contact list makes Dan confident that the deal is in the bag. In fact, he had vowed himself never again to dance with lady snow, a vow which the prospect of profit effectively killed. After having gotten the goods from an aggressive supplier, he quickly stashes it with the hooker with whom he’s staying. Big mistake. After a pickle with three hoodlums, the crook gets back to his pad to find the blow missing. This sets off a mad race against the clock during which Dan will cross paths with dubious characters and do whatever it takes to save his endangered skin, his only weapon his exhaustive street-smarts regarding the rules of survival in this “business” — rules that he’ll follow by the book, even if it means piling up a few bodies along the way.

Directed with volcanic energy, DEALER is a sturdy thriller that drags its audience full-steam ahead through a Parisian underbelly filled with hoods and thugs. Director Jean Luc Huberlot knows the streets intimately and used his own experience as inspiration for Dan’s odyssey through the horrors of drug trafficking. His hyperrealist treatment oscillates between a documentary and a punk video. Greatly influenced by Nicolas Winding Refn, DEALER remains an ambitious film with a totally unique individuality. Huberlot has created a string of great cinematic characters, first of which is Dan, an anti-hero always on the verge of exploding, played with compelling conviction by Dan Bronchinson. He takes them through a gripping hell where one astounding event after another takes place at a breathtaking pace. Powerhouse dialogue that minutely captures the essence of a gritty Paris is also noteworthy. Co-produced by Jean Mach (8th WONDERLAND), DEALER marks the powerful arrival of one of the most promising voices in French genre cinema. A feature-film baptism filled with noisy and fury that will leave you completely dumbstruck!

— Simon Laperrière