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International Premiere
  • USA
  • 2013
  • 112 mins
  • HD
  • English
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WINNER: Best Actress and Best Horror Film, Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival

“Sometimes creepy, sometimes intense, but always thrilling” - Ronny Carlsson, FILM BIZARRO

On the surface, everything seems to be going well for Carrie as she’s taking one of life’s big steps by moving in with her boyfriend Mike in a lovely country home located in the heart of an enchanting forest — the perfect nest to build a family. While Mike pursues his laboratory work, Carrie takes advantage of the surrounding tranquillity to start working on the musical score for a horror picture. The couple has no problem adjusting to this serene routine where each day rolls smoothly into the next. They’d be perfectly happy if it wasn’t for Tom, their unsettling neighbour who constantly roams nearby. Innately aggressive, he doesn’t hesitate to lash out at Carrie when she begs him to leave her property. Subsequent incidents will soon precipitate the young woman’s unwinding. One night, an unknown teenager breaks into her house and, before fleeing into the dark, tells her that he knows her. Something definitely abnormal is unfolding before Carrie’s eyes, who soon starts to believe that she’s the target of some dark manipulation. The unbearable truth will leave her forever scarred.

Brandan Steere’s ANIIMOSITY is one of those rare movies of which it’s best to say as little as possible. It’s up to the viewer to discover what lurks in this profoundly cruel tale in which masks are lifted to expose an unspeakable horror. If it’s sometimes reminiscent of the medical nightmare that was THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE, this debut feature is more closely aligned with ROSEMARY’S BABY as the main source of fear revolves around the deceitful manipulations of a trusted loved one. A tangible psychological tension takes root from the opening frames of this dance macabre permeated with corrosive dark humour. Thanks to a streak of hidden tension that suddenly takes off without warning, ANIMOSITY proudly takes its place within this recent wave of visceral American thrillers that included films such as BLUE RUIN and COLD IN JULY. Tracy Willet, who plays the complex part of Carrie, pierces the screen with a no-holds-barred performance that is already the talk of the festival circuit. Also on board, Roy Frumkes, the screenwriter of the legendary STREET TRASH, produces this feature film that, while belonging in a whole different ballpark, deserves the same cult following as the one for which he’s known for. You ain’t seen nothing yet!

— Simon Laperrière