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Canadian Premiere
  • USA
  • 2014
  • 93 mins
  • DCP
  • English
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Hosted by Director/Co-Writer Dan Beers

“There may not be a more shockingly irreverent bout of lewd humor this year” - Eric Kohn, INDIEWIRE

Many of you have grown up watching the wacky adventures of Jim Levenstein and company. For the older crowd, it was the films of John Hughes. Regardless of generational proclivity, adolescence is a goldmine for creative interpretation. The challenge is to find a way to breathe in something new in this universe that’s been exploited time and time again. Dan Beers has come up with an amazing concept that is the premise of his debut feature film, PREMATURE.

Just when Rob (John Karma) wakes up covered in bodily fluids following a pretty raunchy dream, his mother barges into his room. What a way to start the most stressful day of his life. His admission interview with Georgetown is only a few hours away. Luck is unfortunately not on his side, as his afternoon turns into a complete nightmare — until Angela (Carlson Young) invites him to ‘study’ at her place after school. Finally! The girl of his dreams is letting him in. Bye-bye virginity! The heat is sizzling. Rob can’t take it anymore, the pressure is too great... he comes! When he opens his eyes, he’s in his bed with his underwear abundantly stained and sees his mother walk through his bedroom door. A feeling of déjà-vu creeps in...

Teen comedies have had pretty much the same structure over the past several years. It was time someone came up with something new. Dan Beers had the genius idea to fuse GROUNDHOG DAY (1993) with AMERICAN PIE (1999). Beers and Mathew Harawitz offer us a screenplay filled with delicious dialogue in which jokes continuously roll off one another. Each time Rob climaxes, the day starts over again. The variations on the premise are ingenious and the narrative arc absolutely delirious. Obviously, the success of such a film relies greatly on the cast. This is taken care of as every actor involved gives a great performance. Craig Roberts (SUBMARINE) as the totally sexually depraved best friend, Alan Tudyk (TUCKER & DALES VS. EVIL) as a college recruiter on the edge, the very lovely Katie Findlay (THE KILLING) as a childhood friend — they all lend a unique flavour to the finished feature. As far as John Karna is concerned, he perfectly portrays the down-on-his-luck nerd. His comedy instinct and facial expressions are hilarious. He brilliantly carries the film on his capable shoulders. PREMATURE is a funny, entertaining movie that brings us back to the golden years of John Hughes — only with a bit more bite!

— Éric S. Boisvert