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Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie

International Premiere
  • USA
  • 2014
  • 110 mins
  • HD
  • English
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Hosted by Co-Director Kevin Finn

His mission: pass judgment on the worst video games of all time, to preserve the rest off us from the brain damage they might cause. He risks his own mental health on abominations like Super Nintendo’s Silver Surfer and substandard versions of Zelda. His heroic efforts are hardly a waste — captured in video clips, they have attracted a horde of devoted fans on the Internet. He is the enemy of the weak and wasteful, of garbage gameplay and lousy graphics, the one and only Angry Video Game Nerd! No game escapes his joystick of justice, none but one — which he staunchly refuses to consider, despite the protestations of his online fan base. Legend has it that a particular 8-bit abomination adapted from a Spielberg film caused the collapse of the Atari company, and that two million unsold copies of the game were lanfdfilled in the New Mexico desert. When the Nerd gets word of a belligerent new company planning an appropriately awful sequel game, he decides to put the rumours to rest and prove for once and for all that nothing is in fact buried under the Chihuahua sands, cementing the mythic monstrosity’s relegation to oblivion. To do so, the Nerd must emerge from his basement and hit the road with a pair of unlikely companions. So begins a mad quest that will involve the American military, the secrets of the universe and, of course, crappy video games!

It was in 2006 and James Rolfe uploaded his first review clip, establishing the popular persona which has made him a digital-age star. His motor-mouthed alter ego became a web sensation comparable to BREF and RED VS. BLUE. The lure of the big screen came calling, and Rolfe met the challenge with the inventive and off-kilter homage to B-grade cinema. ANGRY VIDEO GAME NERD: THE MOVIE retains all the elements that made Rolfe’s web series so successful — his delirious tirades and corrosive commentaries, and a streak of humour comparable to Lloyd Kaufman’s are all in the coding, here. The film holds equal appeal for neophytes as a BLUES BROTHERS-style road movie that Rolfe carries capably with his Buster Keaton-esque comic turns. And yes, rest assured, Rolfe’s crafty critiques make their way into this love letter to genre classics!

— Simon Laperrière