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Bloody Knuckles

World Premiere
  • Canada
  • 2014
  • 82 mins
  • DCP
  • English
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World Premiere, Hosted by Director Matt O’Mahoney & Guests

Travis (Adam Boys) is actually a pretty nice guy, considering he’s the mind behind the obscene underground comic “Vulgarian Invasions”. His life is good and it’s only getting better. His roommate, Ralphie (Ken Tsui), is also his best friend and half-brother, he just successfully launched another comic, and he’s managed to attract the attention of comely journalist Amy (Gabrielle Giraud). Unfortunately for Travis, his commitment to free speech isn’t respected by everyone in town and he finds himself in real peril when he decides to target shady Chinatown businessman Leonard Fong in his delightfully crude comic.

In a bloody act of revenge for the savage skewering, Fong orders his goons to sever Travis’s drawing hand, effectively ending his career. Shaken to his core and surviving on malt liquor for breakfast (and lunch, and dinner), Travis cravenly turns his back on comics and challenging the status quo. That is, until his severed hand returns and demands that Travis continue his work on “Vulgarian Invasions”. Will Travis succumb to his dead hand’s vulgar rude taunts and force Fong to pay for his mutilation, or will the severed appendage be compelled to take things into its own... hands?

BLOODY KNUCKLES is the first feature from director Matt O., creator of notorious short films ADJUST TRACKING and ELECTRIC FENCE, which played Fantasia back in 2010. A splatter horror comedy in the vein of ’80s classics like EVIL DEAD 2 and STREET TRASH, BLOODY KNUCKLES rises above simple imitation to tell a story as touching as it is profane, eliciting surprising performances from the largely inexperienced cast. Featuring top-notch visual effects by Image Engine Design (DISTRICT 9), BLOODY KNUCKLES makes what should be a cheap gag, a zombie hand, into a full-fledged and memorable character. It is also full of horror in-jokes and homages for attentive viewers, including a hilarious recurring gag about fundamentalist Canadian terrorists. Possessed of a wacky and perverted sense of humour, BLOODY KNUCKLES is an underground comix manifesto on freedom of expression, brimming with wild countercultural spirit!

— Mariko McDonald