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Goal of the Dead

North American Premiere
  • France
  • 2013
  • 140 mins
  • DCP
  • French
  • English (subtitles)
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Official Selection, Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival 2014
Official Selection, Sydney Film Festival 2014

"Un divertissement remarquable" - Romain Duvic, FILMSACTU

“A perfectly entertaining film... an agreeably repulsive break from the norm” - Ben Bussey, BRUTAL AS HELL

“Balances balls and beasts as it delivers a perfectly executed finish into the top corner of the comedy-horror genre” Andrew Pollard, STARBURST

Tonight is the long-awaited matchup between Capelongue village’s beloved football team and the Samuel Lorit-led Paris Olympique. In fact, this is the place where the latter was born and started his career before a signing lucrative contract with the OP. The Capelongue natives have never forgiven him, or the past defeat that was served up by the Parisians. Tonight, the communal word is “Revenge!” The Ultras, super-hardcore fans who throw smoke bombs to distract opposite teams, are ready for mayhem. Cops are on high alert. Desperate teens are all dolled up, hoping to win the lust of some horny player. Reporters are looking for dirt, and trust me, they’re about to find it. You see, Jeannot, the suspiciously muscular local superstar, has just been injected by his father with a new strand of steroids designed to enhance his hostility towards Lorit. The results went further than expected... He was transformed into a mutant half-zombie, half-hooligan that aggressively riots during championship games. He shouts profanities, destroys everything in his path and pukes out massive quantities of this disgustingly weird liquid that contaminates everyone who has the misfortune of contact with it. And he’s heading straight for the stadium. Game on!

Divided in two segments, the first directed by Benjamin Rocher (LA HORDE) and the second by Thierry Poiraud (ATOMIK CIRCUS), GOAL OF THE DEAD is up front about its intentions from the opening frame. Seeing zombies throwing up in one another’s mouths amidst berserk scenes of chaos, the audience knows beyond a reasonable doubt that they’re in for 140 minutes of pure delight. Initially a classic sports comedy à la SLAP SHOT, GOAL quickly introduces a variety of characters belonging to various strands of the genre. Whether it’s the declining veteran, the rising star, the mischievously eager reporter, the sleazy agent, the doped-up jock or the hysterical groupie, they all actively participate in a finely crafted story filled with delicious dialogue. In that respect, GOAL OF THE DEAD has more in common with FROM DUSK TILL DAWN than your typical B-grade zombie flick. But you better have your umbrella handy when the spraying starts. Honestly impressive visual effects, coupled with outrageous stunts and raucous verbal exchanges typical of French comedies, make for a hilariously beautiful festival of gore. In this year of the World Cup, it’s the perfect picture for one of Fantasia’s classically raucous screenings!

— Nicolas Archambault