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Space Station 76

International Premiere
  • USA
  • 2014
  • 93 mins
  • DCP
  • English
Official Selection, SXSW 2014

“A future cult-classic that I'm destined to watch and re-watch countless times” – Zach Gayne, TWITCHFILM

“Hilarious, smart, and super fun” – Adam Patterson, FILM PULSE

Arti The Adventure Begins from eric lavoie on Vimeo.

The future has arrived, ladies and gentlemen — and it has come bearing all kinds of unresolved issues and off-the-shelf psychobabble. Welcome aboard the Omega 76 Space Station, which navigates the cosmos while its crew navigate their dysfunctional relationships and deep-seated hang-ups. The vessel’s leader, the repressed and brooding alcoholic Captain Glenn, is already a mess over an illicit affair he had, and now he has to accept the fact that his new second-in-command is a woman, of all things. Jessica’s arrival on the space station triggers further tensions and, you know, feelings. Pill-popping astro-wife Misty resents Jessica’s successful career, and the bond her neglected daughter is building with the new officer. Misty’s loveless marriage to technician Ted, meanwhile, has driven him into a cloud of pot smoke, and her into the bed of Steve — whose wife Donna is blissfully unaware of his cheating. Through it all, the ship’s robot dispenses medication, along with canned psychiatric jive. Can the crew of Omega 76 keep it together as a deadly asteroid hurtles towards them?

Set your mood rings on stun and slip into your finest deep-space leisure suit, it’s time to take a trek to the stars with the Me Generation. An established small-screen performer, Jack Plotnick (ELLEN, BUFFY etc.) makes his debut behind the camera with a full-length feature film (adapted from his stage play) that’s one part retro-kitsch comedy, one part straightfaced melodramatic soap opera, and every bit an ace pastiche of that fabulous genre, the 1970s space-base flick (think SILENT RUNNING, SPACE: 1999 and their ilk). SPACE STATION 76 is precision satire, walking a laser-fine line between far-out sci-fi funny business and interpersonal drama that cuts close to the bone — a pitch-perfect piss-take on the decade everyone loves to hate but hates to admit they love. The stellar cast includes Patrick Wilson (WATCHMEN) and Liv Tyler (LORD OF THE RINGS), along with many familiar faces from TV land and even, in a brief but bang-on cameo, Keir Dullea — that’s right, Dave from 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY. The set design and costume work flawlessly capture the groovy tackiness of the time, the soundtrack is solidly super sounds of the ’70s, and the FX work is faithfully free of new-fangled CGI. Stow your emotional baggage, people, and step through the airlock to yesterday’s tomorrow — today!

— Rupert Bottenberg